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    • By delfosisyu
      SH_MM once uploaed this piece of image on this thread
      and I want to know where this is from.
      Is there anyone who can tell me the name of the book?

    • By Walter_Sobchak
      So I thought it might be a fun project to create a list of authors who have written about tanks and armored warfare for my website.  I was going to limit the list to authors who have been published in English. I was thinking I would categorize them and provide whatever biographical info that I could.  I started going through my book collection and files collecting names.  I am not finished and I already am getting overwhelmed.  I have not included memoirs by armor officers unless they were actual tank commanders. Here is what I have so far, not sorted or organized yet:
      List of Tank and AFV Authors
      Steven Zaloga
      Richard Ogorkiewicz
      David Fletcher
      Robert J Icks
      Kenneth Estes
      Harry Yeide
      George Forty
      Simon Dunstan
      Kenneth Macksey
      Pat Ware
      Thomas Jentz
      Hillary Doyle
      Richard Hunnicutt
      Chris Ellis
      Peter Chamberlain
      Michael and Gladys Green
      Peter Beale
      A J Smithers
      Robert Griffin
      M P Robinson
      James Loop
      Walter J Spielberger
      Uwe Feist
      Norm Harms
      Charles Kliment
      Janusz Magnuski
      Bruce Culver
      Peter Brown
      B. T. White
      Dr. F. M. von Senger und Etterlin
      John Milsom
      Roger Ford
      Horst Scheibert
      Mikhail Baryatinskiy
      Robert Forczyk
      Lon Nordeen & David Isby
      John Buckley
      Bruce Quarrie (wehraboo)
      Heinz Nawarra
      George Bradford
      William Auerbach
      Orr Kelly
      Peter Gudgin
      Chris Bishop
      Armin Halle
      Ian Hogg
      Robert Jackson (hack)
      Franz Kurowski
      Robert Citino
      Richard Dinardo
      Roman Jarymowycz
      Artem Drabkin
      M. H. Gillie
      Belton Cooper
      Patrick Stansell and Kurt Laughlin
      Alexander Ludeke
      Denis Showalter
      Otto Carius
      Rolf Hilmes
      Wolfgang Schneider
      Anthony Tucker-Jones
      Thomas Anderson
      Dave Higgins
      Wolfgang Faust
      Bill Munro
      Stephan A Hart
      Francois Verlinden
      Bryan Perrett
      Joachim Engelmann
      Gordon Rottman
      W. J. K. Davies
      Wolfgang Fleischer
      Michael Jerchel
      Michael Norman
      Michael Scheibert
      James Bingham
      David Eshel
      Samuel Katz
      Michael Mass
      Marsh Gelbart
      F Cappellano & PP Battistelli
      Ralph Riccio and Nicola Pignato
      Adam Geibel
      Tomio Hara
      Fred Crimson
      Charles Bailey
      Robert Cameron
      Oscar Gilbert
      James D'Angina
      Jim Mesko
      More to come....
    • By SuperComrade
      About to read a (stolen) copy of

      Let the games begin!
    • By Marsh
      Hi People,
      Richard Ogorkiewicz's new and rather excellent book, 100 years: evolution of the tank, is currently going dirt cheap (99p) on UK Amazon as a Kindle book. 
      Sorry, I don't know the situation in North America or Europe, you will need to check your local Amazon.
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