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The Merkava, Israel's Chieftain?

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The guy who took these gave the ok to share them. A couple might be from elsewhere because my folders are not organized.  

Both the Israelis and Egyptians had a handful of vehicle mounted ATGMs in 1967.  Cobras and S11s as far as I remember for the IDF. I do not know of any actually being fired. There was neither the doct

Hi LoooSeR, In post 293, the black and white photo of the Nagmachon and Nakpadon next to each other, is one of mine. The correct name is Nakpadon. The Base where the machines were photographed w

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Why tanks need close-observation cameras.



From minute 2 you can see a bizarre circus. Tank crew can't see militants, militants can't damage tank seriosly, spotter is screaming on radio about militants running around, and all that was happening for ~30 minute (video was edited to cut time).

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Israeli tank photos (link originally posted by guy on WoT forums); https://picasaweb.google.com/harabecw/Tanks


Some interesting stuff there. Like the information plate for the M-51:



How on earth did they stuff 55 105mm rounds into a Sherman and keep a 5 man crew?




Merkava 4 frontal part. Note LFP. I hope they have armor inserts between that and engine.


Near as I can tell having looked at various pictures and what I could find, the only thing filling that space is the armored fuel tanks filled with diesel.




More pictures here. I honestly don't think that's changed at all from the Mk. 1 up through now. Could really use someone who's good at this sort of thing to chime in at how good diesel is at stopping tank rounds.

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A diesel fuel cell 7cm thick, will offer roughly 1cm protection equivalent of RHA against HEAT and slightly less against KE penetrators.


i have visited the production line for Merkava III when it was active, Merkava !V and the Namer. You are somewhat underestimating the protection of the tanks and are missing something. For obvious reasons I am not prepared to discuss this factor any further. 




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A while back I had posted an old article from ARMOR magazine by Ogorkiewicz on the Merkava II.  Ogorkiewicz seems to think rather highly of the vehicle.  In his latest book he lists General Tal as one of his professional acquaintances.  


When I was a young lad, the Merkava was one of the first plastic model kits I had.  My dad got me the kit, he was all excited about the Merkava since Israel was one of Continental Motors biggest customers. After the US Army decided to go with a gas turbine for the M1, Israel's continued use of the AVDS-1790 became very important to keeping the engine plant in business.  I remember my dad invited an Israeli Colonel and Major over for dinner once.  I was too young to ask any intelligent questions.  Still, it was a bit out of the ordinary for us to have dinner guests with personal stories of the Yom Kipper war.  

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Nakpadon. Frontal door  :huh:

Only a handful of Nakpadons were produced with that configuration. For a very specific purpose. It's still OPSEC, but I am sure you can figure it out easily enough.

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More pictures here. I honestly don't think that's changed at all from the Mk. 1 up through now. Could really use someone who's good at this sort of thing to chime in at how good diesel is at stopping tank rounds.


Last I'd read, raw diesel fuel is a little less effective than steel vs. shaped charges on a mass basis.  However, there are supposed to be some sort of integrated spaced armor/fuel tank designs that can raise this figure dramatically, at least against HEAT threats.

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    • By delfosisyu
      I heard Merkava tanks have  revolving magazine for main gun loading.
      Magazines hold 6 rounds for Merkava I, II,   5 rounds  for Merkava III, 10 rounds for Merkava IV. 
      After emptying the magazine, how is the procedure for filling magazines with stowed rounds?
    • By Mighty_Zuk
      Welcome to Mighty Zuk's place of mental rest and peace of mind. This is my realm. 
      I've decided it would be best to ditch the old Merkava thread for 2 reasons:
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      [Reserved for future posts - Merkava]

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