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American Defense Lobbyist Who Wrote M4 Rifle Hit Piece Charged by Russian Investigative Committee As Warhawk


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Remember General Robert Scales? Way back when, I wrote an article - which wasn't my finest work but certainly attained the highest comment count of anything I've ever written - debunking a hit piece he wrote attacking the M4 Carbine.

Well, now the Russian Investigative Committee has begun a criminal case against General Scales, since he called for the wholesale killing of Russians as a solution to the Crimean conflict earlier this week.

When I originally wrote my rebuttal, I didn't know that General Scales was the author - ever since the Tom Kratman episode (which had a tone that was easily misinterpreted as denigrating his service - actually, it was intended to be the opposite), I have made a point only to address the content of a work, not the author - I deliberately didn't even look at the name of the author of the The Atlantic piece.

Afterward, I found out I had publicly erm, scuffled with a certain General Scales, which felt to me a bit like a squirrel picking a fight with a bear. Nothing ever came of it, but I still felt a little silly for doing so.

Not so much anymore, since this most recent development.

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