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Looking for in-depth information about Afanasyev's TKB-0136 prototype assault rifle

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Been trying to research into the TKB-0136. From what i could find it fires 5.45x39 at an incredible 2000 RPM. with the option of a 5 round burst or fully automatic fire. Allegedly, later models had a RPM selector switch.
I've looked at everything that came up on google and there's not a single mention of how it works outside from the fact it has a rotating bolt. I'm fascinated by this firearm and the lack of information is killing me! how does it achieve an astounding 2000 RPM? How did Afanasyev implement an RPM selector switch?
Many other Abakan submissions have far more information written about them but the TKB-0136 appears to be elusive.
I am desperate for any additional information about the TKB-0136. I need to satiate my curiosity!

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