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Upon the recommendation of some folks with whom I have since and as a direct result cut all ties (hi Jeff!), I watched the enema Black Lagoon; to the creators of which I have to give a lot of credit, really, as not many publishers would take such a gamble on a script so obviously written by an 8-year-old.

Well, despite a premise which seemingly couldn't go wrong, between the lazy animation, the lack of attention to detail to central props and settings, and the horrible, horrible script, I have been left, like a high dollar whore hired by a man with more money than bedroom vigor, grumpy and unsatisfied.


Falkenberg's LegionJanissariesSpace VikingThe Wild GeeseFar Cry; all those I've really liked, though I'm more in the mood for something with a modern setting (bonus points if it's in Southeast Asia; Heart of Darkness with FALs has been done to death).

So hit me. Good merc/military fiction, set on the edge of civilization, where a group of likeable-but-violent rogues carves out their own niche in a chaotic world. Also guns n stuff pewpewpewpewpew KABOOM

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