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Historical Pictures Thread

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A Chimp holding a newspaper with him as front page news after her survived his trip to space.



Hydrogen Bomb testing at Bikini Atoll.



Hydrogen Bomb testing at Bikini Atoll.


1939, A letter sent to Adolf Hitler from Ghandi.



1930, Melted and horrendously damaged wax models from Madam Tussaud’s in London after a fire was started there.



1963, the last remaining prisoners of Alcatraz leaving the prison


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Earlier this week I read a book on the conditions in 19th century Irish textile mills.  I guess I was feeling too happy, but this book quickly put a stop to that:




The men in the picture are hackling flax.  "Hackling" is the process whereby the impurities and outer parts of the flax plant are removed from the useful fibers.  The flax is beaten of a series of metal spikes and dragged through them to break off these byproducts.


This produces a fine dust of fibrous plant materials, which of course the workers breathed in.  Most of them drank whiskey or chewed tobacco in order to reduce the pain.

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Two North Vietnamese soldiers holding hands, circa 1975



One of only twenty ever made, a German Panzerkampfwagen A7V heavy tank makes it way to battle (France, 1918). The original Fascist Box tank



People celebrating the legalization of the Communist Party as the news were being spread, Spain, April 9th, 1977



Half naked soldiers preparing Christmas dinner at the mess in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands during WWII December 25, 1942 by Ralph Morse



German soldiers on outpost duty near Antwerp, sharing their food with Belgian orphans, published in 191



1940: An air raid warden checks on children sleeping on hammocks strung between the train tracks in a London Underground station during the Blitz 



Dewey Beard aka "Wazu Maza" was the last know Lakota survivor of the Battle of Little Bighorn and the Wounded Knee Massacre. He lived to be 96. 1948



Two Japanese Imperial Marines who killed themselves by placing their rifle muzzles against their heads and pulling the triggers with their toes, rather than surrender to U.S. Marines, after the Japanese fought almost to the last man during the Battle of Tarawa



Sailors catch up on their tans while others load 14' shells aboard USS New Mexico, 1944



Injured man protesting Yeltsin's ruining of my nation, I wonder if you can guess who that is in the upper left


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My favorite picture of the Great Patriotic War:


A. G. Yeremenko (who was killed a few minutes later) urges on his troops.



I am humbled daily that so many brave men layed down their lifes so that I might exist


They loud songs of their bright and youthful lifes cut down in a cascade of violence


I truly value growing old, knowing fully that so many men greater than I were denied that privilege 

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WWII --- Polish resistance fighters rest by the fire during the Warsaw Uprising



The 28th (Māori) Battalion of the New Zealand Army performs a Haka (native war dance) before going to battle in Egypt during WWII



WWII --- Japanese soldiers celebrate victory next to a damaged steam locomotive (Hankou, China - October 1938)



Claude Monet seated with some paintings which sold in 1880 for 1,000 francs. They were worth 100 times that at the time of the photo, most likely taken in the mid-1920s, as Monet’s career was winding down and his eyesight was failing.



WWII --- U.S. soldier using an M2 flamethrower against a Japanese position at the Battle of Manila (Philippines - c. Feb 1945) 



Joseph Stalin with children 1935


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It was a common method of uparmouring during WW2 - the hatch bulges are weaker than the rest of the plate. eg:






It was part of a standard upgrade kit, it had a name, I'll remember at some point, and just about all the tanks used in Normandy got it in england, and it was put on at the factory on mid production tanks.  The cheek armor on the turret and the plates over the hull ammo boxes were part of the upgrade I think. 


I think the tank is a mid production M4, and probably had all the upgrades installed at the factory. 

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Here's a pic from a M4A2 I read about on Tank and AFV News Edit, after finding better pics, this is an M4A3. 




This pic got me curious, it's a very early direct vision Sherman. This made me doubt it would be an M4A2, since most went to the Brits and Russians. It would be interesting to see the history on the tank. Pics from behind confirm it's a A2, you can never trust placards or news stories. You can just see the top of the DV port behind the welded plates on the drivers hoods.  You can also see it only got one side of the weld on mantlet extension and the Co-ax side is still bare.  So this tank got some of the armor updates but not all, making it seem more likely it was a ZI training tank. 


Edit: On closer examination, it's not a DV tank, and has the hoods that had it cast out and a periscope mount put in. Still a early production tank unless a slightly later turret was swapped on at some point. 

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Its fun to stay at the.......



(a song only the English posters will get and a picture only the Russian posters will understand, hail Satan)


 An Unknown man running away with Diapers while a building is on Fire during the LA Riots [1992|



A grief stricken American infantryman whose friend has been killed in action is comforted by another soldier. Haktong-ni area, Korea, 1950



The 9th Armored Division proudly poses after capturing the only intact bridge across the Rhine after the battle of Remagan during WW2 in Western Germany, 1945 



A British soldier uses a bulldozer to push the bodies of the dead into a mass grave, Bergen-Belsen, April 1945. 



Horses lie dead in the street after an IRA bombing near Hyde Park, July 1982



German infantry passing by dead American soldiers of a Pioneer regiment, supposedly the first American casualties on the Western Front (or at least first encountered by Germans), March 1918



A British soldier stands besides the grave of a comrade near Pilckem during the Third Battle of Ypres [aka Battle of Passchendaele], 22nd August 1917. 




Ibu Dayak warrior headhunters from Longnawan, North Borneo 1912



Tsar Nicholas and his son Alexei cut wood in captivity 



21 July 1969: The Eagle ascends to Columbia


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"The Mine Test". Wehrmacht Soldiers Force a Soviet Civilian to Test the Waters. Soviet Union, 1943



According to historian Christian Ingrao this technique was first used in Belarussia in 1943 by the infamous 36th SS division "Dirlewanger", a penal SS unit composed of common law criminals, disgraced SS soldiers, poachers, feeble minded, sociopaths and pedophiles recruited among the inmates of concentration camps and used to hunt partisans in the East.
After they began losing men to mined roads, they took the habit of rounding up local villagers and make them march before them in staggered rows. The tactic was deemed very effective by SS Gruppenfuhrer for Central Russia Curt Von Gottberg who wrote a report on the practice in 1943 saying "The mines set on most road and paths necessitated the use of mine detectors, as per order. The mine detector developped by the Dirlewanger battalion successfully passed the test". Soon after various non-penal units began using it too. Believe it or not it is far from the worst thing these guys did.
The archives of the 36th SS division stated that this practiced caused the death of about 3000 Belarussian civilians for year 1943 alone
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