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Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen

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   General Staff of the UAE Armed Forces, who led the operation in Yemen, soon to place in the "liberated" from the Houthis Aden an anti-terrorist units numbering 800 people, prepared by the American Erik Prince (Erik Prince, a former officer of SEAL US Navy and founder of Blackwater - Bmpd note). This was reported by the French bulletin «Intellligence online» in the material «Deploiement des forces antiterrorists d'Erik Prince».

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"Today hundreds of Saudi and allied troops, equipped with the latest fighter jets, guided missiles and tanks were ruthlessly slaughtered by some Shia peasants armed with sharpened mud.  Saudi official

After 9/11 the US should have invaded Saudi Arabia.  They're nominally an ally, so they'd never expect it, they actually were involved in funding and supporting the attacks, they have tons of oil, and

Mercenaries killed, injured, military vehicles destroyed in Mareb



   MAREB, Oct. 29 (Saba) – A military source affirmed on Thursday that tens of mercenaries were killed and others injured, and two military vehicles destroyed in Mareb.

   The source said to Saba that groups of the enemy mercenaries tried to advance towards the east of Sirwah area in Mareb governorate and were confronted by the heroes of the army and popular committees who killed tens and injured others of them and destroyed two military vehicles, in addition to captured 15 mercenaries.




   Army, popular committees shell Saudi locations in Najran, Asir



   ASIR, Oct. 29 (Saba) – The missiles forces of the army and popular committees shelled on Thursday a number of Saudi military locations in Najran and Asir.

A military source told Saba that the missiles forces of the army and popular committees shelled Zabnah military location and the governmental compound in Arrabu’ah with Katyusha rockets.

   The source pointed out that the artillery forces of the army and popular committees demolished the Saudi Nahuqa military location in Najran, in addition to Al-Shabaka location and Defense Compound in Al-Khubah in Jizan.

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If this operation successed, i will die from giggling to death. If Fatties will lose to remaining parts of Yemeni army and Ansar Allakh, they will find themselfs in much worse situation.  


Yemeni Army and Houthis Launch Massive Offensive in Southern Yemen



    On Friday afternoon, the Yemeni Army and their popular committees – led by the Houthis – have launched a massive military operation to recapture the strategic Shawba and Dhale Governorates in southern Yemen after the pro-Hadi forces captured this province in mid-August of this year.

   One of Yemen’s largest provinces in terms of landmass, the Shawba Governorate is the gateway to the eastern part of the country that is currently controlled by a number of factions loyal to Al-Qaeda; if recaptured by the Yemeni Army and Houthis, they will have access to its large port that is situated at the northern section of the Persian Gulf.


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   Detachments of the Yemeni army and militia forces of the Shiite movement "Ansar Allah", at 3rd November attacked the Saudi royal forces in the village Al-Raboah, province of Najran, located near the border with Yemen.


   A half-hour report about the assault shown on Yemeni television channel Al-Masirah.


The screenshot captured by Houthis Saudi APC M113 A300 and captured HK MG4 machine gun.


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   Houthis are trying to re-open sea connection with Iran, Saudis and UAE emposed sea-blockade of Yemen. Iran supplied a lot of weapons to Ansar Allakh, including ATGMs. If only Ansar Allakh and parts of Yemeni army had as much ATGMs as Syrian "moderates", Saudis would have been driven out of Yemen or even not allowed to enter deep into Yemen.  

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   Houthis are trying to re-open sea connection with Iran, Saudis and UAE emposed sea-blockade of Yemen. Iran supplied a lot of weapons to Ansar Allakh, including ATGMs. If only Ansar Allakh and parts of Yemeni army had as much ATGMs as Syrian "moderates", Saudis would have been driven out of Yemen or even not allowed to enter deep into Yemen.  



Yemeni Army and Houthis Capture Large Parts of Southern Yemen



   Moments ago, the Yemeni Army and their popular committees – led by the Houthis – imposed full control over the Al-Dhale and Al-Hajj Governorates of southern Yemen after a series of intense firefights with the Saudi-backed pro-Hadi militias and their allies.


   According to battlefield reports from both the Al-Dhale and Al-Lahj Governorates, the Yemeni Army and the Houthis successfully bypassed the frontline defenses of the pro-Hadi militias and imposed control over several sites around these aforementioned provinces in less than 72 hours.


   In conjunction with their advance in the Al-Dhale and Al-Lahj Governorates, the Yemeni Army and the Houthis are preparing to storm the imperative Al-‘Anad Airbase in Al-Dhale; this assault is expected to begin in the next few hours.

   To add to the plight of the pro-Hadi militias, the Yemeni Army and Houthis have cutoff all roads leading to the provincial capital of Al-Dhale; this is likely to prompt Saudi-led Coalition warplanes to strike the anti-government forces in order to lift the siege.


   The Yemeni Army and Houthis have reportedly captured five security checkpoints inside the strategic city of Damat in the Al-Dhale Governorate after forcing the pro-Hadi militias to abandon their posts and retreat to the eastern countryside of the province.

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Chances to see Leclerc in actual combat are lowering, i guess.




   Some details about the participation of Emirati Leclerc tanks in operations in Yemen


   According to Jean-Dominique Merchet article, "70 chars Leclerc émiratis engagés au Yémen», posted in French newspaper «L'Opinion» blog, the United Arab Emirates sent as a part of their ground forces around 70 advanced Leclerc main tanks (two battalions) of the French production to conduct operations in Yemen (the author notes that there is information about the 80 tanks). This is the largest tank group that the United Arab Emirates deployed in recent years.   


   The tanks were used in the desert (sandy or rocky ground) and in urban areas. Of these 70, 13 tanks were fitted with AZUR kit (Action en Zone Urbaine, action in urban areas). The author refers to the French sources, who are satisfied with the first results of the use of Leclerc. At the end of September 2015 there was reports about 3 tanks, that were hit or damaged in Yemen: two were blown up by mines or improvised explosive devices, with no tanks destroyed and another one was hit by a antitank grenade that hit the side screen without causing damage.

   The author concludes that the heavy tank weapon system is considered necessary for any serious army, which has now become the army of the UAE.
   13 sets of additional protection AZUR were supplied by UAE Army Nexter Systems under contract in 2011. The kit includes improved dynamic protection [ERA], the engine-transmission compartment covered with bars/cage armor that protect it from rocket-propelled grenades, modernized tank is also equipped with a wireless communication system with the infantry, numbering up to three people at a distance of 200 meters.
   In total, UAE received from 1994 to 2005 up to 388 Leclerc tanks of the GIAT production (now Nexter Systems), as well as two training tank and 46 ARV (18 of them latter were converted into engineering vehicles).
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