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Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen

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"Today hundreds of Saudi and allied troops, equipped with the latest fighter jets, guided missiles and tanks were ruthlessly slaughtered by some Shia peasants armed with sharpened mud.  Saudi official

After 9/11 the US should have invaded Saudi Arabia.  They're nominally an ally, so they'd never expect it, they actually were involved in funding and supporting the attacks, they have tons of oil, and

Breaking: Yemeni Army Captures Jabal Al-Malah in Marib



   Moments ago in the Marib Governorate of Yemen, the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard – backed by the Houthis  and other militias – imposed full control over Jabal Al-Malah (Salt Mountains) after an intense battle with the Hadi loyalists and the Saudi-led Coalition Forces.

   In southern Yemen, the Al-Qaeda linked “Ansar Al-Sharia” and the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) forces have captured several sites in southern Yemen, including parts of the strategic port-city of Aden after turning on the Hadi loyalists that were once allied to them.
   The Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists are now targeting several sites in Al-Lahj, Shabwa, and Aden as their presence in southern Yemen exponentially grows amid this turbulent time in the country.
   Along the Saudi border with Yemen, the Houthis and Yemeni Republican Guard continued their large-scale offensive at the Saudi city of Najran, killing several combatants from the Saudi-led Coalition Forces while also seizing more military sites in the process.
   If the Yemeni Republican Guard and Houthis can take control of Najran; this will mark the second Saudi city that they have captured since the Saudi-led Coalition Forces joined this war.
   Exiled Yemeni president, Abd-Rubbah Mansour Hadi, has reportedly fled the port-city of Aden on Tuesday, citing health issues as the reason for his departure.
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Al-Qaeda Seizes Large Parts of Southern Yemen as Hadi Loyalists Fall Apart



   U.S. President Barack Obama waged a silent war against Al-Qaeda in Yemen during his tenor as commander-in-chief, targeting several of their strongholds with abrupt drone strikes and assassinations that were meant to degrade and destroy this international terrorist group.

   Unfortunately for Barack Obama; this silent war has proven ineffective as Al-Qaeda launched a massive offensive in southern Yemen this week, capturing several sites from the Saudi-backed Hadi loyalists.
   On Thursday morning in the southern Yemen countryside, the Yemeni Al-Qaeda group “Ansar Al-Sharia” captured the towns of Zinjubar, Ja’ar, Al-Hisn, Makhzan, and Jabal Khanfar after a series of intense firefights with the forces loyal to the exiled Yemeni President, ‘Abd Rubbah Mansour Hadi.
   In addition to their capture of the aforementioned sites, Ansar Al-Sharia imposed full control over the strategic city of Batis in southern Yemen, forcing the Hadi Loyalists to retreat south towards their stronghold of Aden.
   With the capture of Batis and several towns in southern Yemen, Ansar Al-Sharia has proven their ability to wage a large-scale offensive against their former allies that are loyal to ‘Abd Rubbah Mansour Hadi and the Saudi-led Coalition Forces.
   The Hadi loyalists have found themselves in a world of trouble after they launched an offensive two weeks ago to reverse the gains made by the Yemeni Army’s Republican guard and the Houthis near the imperative city of Ta’iz.
   With Al-Qaeda emerging in southern Yemen and the Houthis gaining ground in the northern countryside; this war has entered a new phase in which the Hadi loyalists find themselves wedged between two opposing forces.
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Recent "Bash those Fatties" videos by Houthis/Ansar Allakh and parts of Yemeni army.


Combat in second part of this video, including Houthis with G36.






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Yemeni Forces Retain Control Saudi Sites Despite Airstrikes



   Yemen Army backed by the Popular Committees retains control over a dozen of Saudi military sites in Najran, Jizan, and Asir regions despite under heavy Saudi-Coalition airstrikes, a military source told Yemeni media Khabar Agency.

   The source explained that missile units belonging to the Yemen Army targeted several military sites in Saudi territory. He added that an Abrams tank was destroyed in Jizan of Sirdah site on Friday, while a Saudi’s Bradley fighting vehicle (BFV) was also destroyed in Rabuah town of Asir using ATGM.
   According to the source, two Saudi tanks were destroyed by Yemeni armed forces on Friday night near Al Khadra border post connecting Saudi’s Najran and Yemen’s Al Buqa area.
   Recently, a famous Saudi whistleblower known on Twitter as “@mujtahidd” revealed Saudi military casualties during the ongoing 9-months Yemen war, saying Saudis lost 2,000 soldiers and 4,850 injured, along with 450 tanks and military vehicles, 4 US-made Apache helicopters, 1 F-15 jet fighter, and 5 warships destroyed. A total amount of 200 billion Saudi riyals were also spent in this war.
   Saudi media and officials have yet to comment on the reports so far.
   On Thursday, Yemen Army spokesman Brigadier General Sharaf Luqman announced the end of the preliminary stage and beginning of the first phase of escalation which includes “strategic options to face the aggression in all its forms, including the aggressors from invaders, occupiers and murderers”.
   Luqman said in a statement to Khabar Agency that the steps of the strategic options are many and may take many shapes like more rapid deployment, expanding the sphere of targets that shall be entered, and he reaffirmed that the strategic steps come as given right to defend the nation and stopping the Saudi enemy from killing the Yemeni people.
   The spokesman assured the Yemeni people “in the case that Saudi enemy oversteps or exaggerated his bounds, we will give them what cools hearts of the Yemeni people and elevates their suffering.”
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Over 2,000 Saudi Military Personnel Killed in Yemen



   In a series of tweets released on Thursday morning, the famous Saudi whistleblower known on Twitter as “@Mujtahidd” leaked more information from the Saudi government’s classified files, revealing the army’s death toll and the total number of lost military equipment during the ongoing Yemeni War.

   According to the aforementioned source, the Saudi Army has lost almost 2,000 soldiers (4,850 soldiers reportedly wounded), 450 tanks, 4 U.S. manufactured Apache Helicopters, 15 other military aircrafts, 3 boats (destroyed by P-15 Termit anti-ship missiles), and almost 200 billion Saudi riyals in damage.
   The Twitter user is well-known for his accurate information and his government leaks that have time and time again proven to be authentic, despite his unknown identity.

I think 450 tanks are actually 450 AFVs.

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Probably 2000 "killed" are killed and heavily wounded in direct combat. Although, Houthis and pieces of Yemeni army still using ballistic missiles like Tochka and Elbrus to hit Coalition bases. 450 destroyed AFVs i can easily believe, as around 60 destroyed Oshkoshs alone were recorded. Add here "southerners", APCs and technicals and numbers will be pretty high.

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The United Nations food agency has warned that food supplies in Yemen are deteriorating quickly and the country is at risk of slipping into famine.


Ten out of Yemen's 22 governorates were now classified as facing food insecurity at "emergency" levels, which is one step below famine, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday.


"Clearly, Yemen is one of the hardest place in the world today to work - massive security concerns, escalation in the fighting, and the violence across the country," Matthew Hollingworth, WFP's deputy regional director, said in the capital, Sanaa.


"We are doing well, we are improving our reach and getting to more people every month, but clearly with half of the country now just one step away from famine, we need the international community to really come behind us and support us, particularly over the next few months," he added.


According to the UN's 2016 Humanitarian Needs Overview in November, 14.4 million people of the country's 23 million are food insecure, struggling to get enough food to live a healthy life.


That includes 7.6 million people in desperate need of food assistance.


"It's a country that cannot take any further shock," Abeer Etefa, the WFP's spokesperson for the Middle East region, told Al Jazeera.


"It's a very serious situation. We are doing our best so that we don't see a deterioration of the situation that's already extremely compromised."


Additionally it's causing issues in Somalia, which is unequipped to deal with the influx of both Somali refugees returning from Yemen, and Yemeni's fleeing their country.


Perhaps the most striking thing about this particular refugee crisis is that many of those fleeing Yemen originally went there to get away from problems in their homeland.


Before it descended into violence, Yemen was a host country to 250,000 Somalis. They had originally fled the civil war in Somalia in the 1990s and had crossed the sea in search of safety and work.


Now a substantial number of them are retracing their steps back to Somalia because it is more attractive than staying in an even worse war-torn country.


The irony is not lost on Nicoletta Giordano, Chief of Mission for the IOM in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.


"We have a paradoxical situation," she says. "These are refugees who would have originally been smuggled into Yemen. But now we have 26,000 Somalis who are returning home."


This presents huge logistical problems for the Somali government, which is not used to dealing with a refugee influx - in fact, rather the reverse.


A recent UN report pinpointed the biggest problems in trying to reintegrate the returning Somalis: "Widespread conflict and political strife [in Somalia] have crippled essential infrastructure and more than three-quarters of the population lack access to healthcare, proper sanitation and safe drinking water."

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Yemeni Army and Houthis Seize a Military Base in Saudi Arabia



   The Yemeni War has spilt over into Saudi Arabia and as a result, the Saudi regime that was once on the offensive inside of Yemen is now on the defensive as the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and their popular committees – specifically, the Houthis – are pressing deeper into enemy territory.

   On Monday morning in the southern Saudi Arabian province of Jizan, the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and the Houthis seized a strategic military center inside the city of Radeef after killing several enemy combatants from the Saudi-led Coalition Forces that are made-up of primarily foreign mercenaries and soldiers from the Gulf states.
   In addition to their success inside the Jizan Region, the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and the Houthis have finally seized the Kofal Camp (Brigade 312) in the Marib Province of Yemen after besieging this imperative site for two months; this loss now leaves the Hadi loyalists in a vulnerable position at the Marib Dam.
   Currently, the Saudi-led Coalition Forces are attempting to retake the Saudi city of Rabuah in the Asir Governorate from the Yemeni Republican Guard and the Houthis; however, they have been so far unsuccessful.
   Adding to the plight of Saudi Arabia, their allies from Al-Qaeda (Ansar Al-Shari’ah) have turned on the Hadi loyalists inside the important port-city of Aden and several other sites in southern Yemen; this battle is likely to intensify in the coming days.


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What the fuck, over?


I mean seriously. What. The. Fuck. Over? 


Let's see...


Time to pull up Google Maps...



What do you know, Abu Arradeef is 7 hours and 53 minutes from Mecca. Road trip!!!



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BMPD blog about UAE airforces:



   According to French newsletter «Intelligence online» in the material «Asmara, base screte d'Abou Dhabi contre les Houthis» with reference to the information from unnamed sources from the United Arab Emirates, UAE has a secret air base in Eritrea, which can be applied against the Yemeni forces, including Houthis.

   Thanks to this strike aircrafts of the Emirates can use a shorter path to attack Yemeni Houthis and their allies, which remained loyal to the former president Abdullah Saleh. The base is located actually in the territory of the international airport of Asmara, on whose territory after commissioning were located objects of military infrastructure.

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Yemeni Forces Cutoff the Loyalists Last Supply Route in Southern Yemen



   The Hadi loyalists and their allies from the Saudi-led Coalition suffered an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and their popular committees near the Yemeni city of Ta’iz on Wednesday.

   According to a battlefield journalist that is embedded with the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard, the latter and the Houthis carried out a powerful attack on the defensive positions of the Hadi loyalists at Mount Hayd Al-Baqr, resulting in the popular resistance forces taking full control of this site that overlooks the villages of Dabeen and Juraybah, which are located between Ta’iz and Al-Lahj in southern Yemen.
   In addition to their success at Mount Hayd Al-Baqr, the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and the Houthis imposed full control over the Al-‘Arous Camp’s main entrance and the nearby village of Al-Shaqab after killing several enemy combatants from the Saudi-led Coalition forces.
   As a result of their success in southern Yemen, the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and the Houthis have cutoff the last loyalist supply line to Ta’iz; this leaves the latter with only two choices: fight their way out or surrender to the popular resistance forces.



Saudi-led Coalition Forces Capture Strategic Yemeni Island



   Yesterday, soldiers loyal to the Saudi coalition against Yemen entered and imposed full control over the Hanish Island which is situated in the strategic Red Sea. Nevertheless, Houthi tribesmen still remain in control of Zuqar island which a few miles north of Hanish Island. Clashes are still ongoing in the area.

   The surprise attack is believed to have been launched by boat from Perim Island near Aden while the entire offensive was heavily covered by aircraft loyal to the coalition which completely overwhelmhed Saleh loyalists (i.e Houthis) in the area.
   Saudi Arabia initiated the campaign to weaken the Houthis in late March 2015 and gained support from Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, who all agreed to combat the Shia-tribesmen in Yemen with military jets and even some ground forces.
   However, the effort has proved somewhat counterproductive as the Houthi regional government has since captured several villages inside Saudi Arabia; most notably, al-Rabuah and al-Khubah.
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   Tens mercenaries including 14 foreigners killed in Taiz

   TAIZ, Dec. 09 (Saba) – Dozens of the Saudi aggression mercenaries, including 14 foreigners, were killed in the areas of Al-Amri, Karish and Shuraija in Taiz province, a military source said on Wednesday.
   The source explained that the foreign mercenaries, who are six Colombians and 8 of other nationalities including two Britons, a Frenchman and an Australian, have been brought by the aggression countries via the American Blackwater company and they were killed during a foiled attempt to advance towards Al-Amri area.
   The missile and artillery units of the army and popular committees targeted gatherings of the invaders and mercenaries in Jarida area in Karish and Hidab areas, killing and injuring tens of them, including three ringleaders, and a number of military vehicles were destroyed, the source added.
   He affirmed that the army and committees troops managed to purge a number of strategic locations in Shuraija area and Tabin area in Karish of the aggression mercenaries, who fled after they incurred a number of dead and wounded and losses in gear.
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Yemeni Army and Houthis Seize 4 Saudi Villages: Coalition Forces Devastated



   In a shocking series of events, the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and the Houthis have imposed full control over four Saudi villages and several military posts in the Jizan Region after a violent battle with the Saudi-led Coalition Forces.

   According to Al-Masdar’s Tony Toh (follow him @TonyTohCy on Twitter), the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and the Houthis captured the villages of Al-Sur, Mahjam, Wasita, and Khadima in the Jizan province of Saudi Arabia, marking one of the most embarrassing defeats for the Saudi-led Coalition Forces since the loss of Rabuah last month.
   The Saudi regime and their Gulf allies have attempted to forestall the Yemeni Army’s advance in Saudi Arabia by deploying foreign mercenaries to fight their battles; however, this has proven disastrous, as the Yemeni Republican Guard and the Houthis have gained several kilometers of territory from the Coalition Forces.



Yemeni Army and Houthis Down the 7th Saudi Naval Vessel



   The Yemeni army and the Popular Committees managed on Thursday to drown the seventh warship that belongs to the Saudi-led military coalition off Al-Mokha’ coast in Al-Hadida province west of Yemen.

   The national army fired a missile that directly hit the warship and killed its 3-men crew on board.
   A military source told Al-Massira website that the Yemeni Missile Unit targeted the Faissali landing warship during its participation in combat attacks off the coast of Yemen in Mokha by a guided missile, which set it ablaze and killed all its military crew.
   It is noteworthy that the army and the Popular Committees have targeted five warships off the coast of Mokha and Bab al-Mandab since the beginning of the Saudi-US aggression in March 25, and have destroyed the sixth less than a week ago.
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