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Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen

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"Today hundreds of Saudi and allied troops, equipped with the latest fighter jets, guided missiles and tanks were ruthlessly slaughtered by some Shia peasants armed with sharpened mud.  Saudi official

After 9/11 the US should have invaded Saudi Arabia.  They're nominally an ally, so they'd never expect it, they actually were involved in funding and supporting the attacks, they have tons of oil, and

Death toll in Yemen exceeds 8,000



   The political instability inside of Yemen has plunged the country into a violent, 10 month long civil war that has come at a high cost of human life.

   With several factions fighting one another, the civilian populous of Yemen has been caught in the crossfire of these warring parties, resulting in the death of thousands.
   Recently, a human rights group inside of Yemen released the appalling death toll after 300 days of fighting; this figure did not include any gunmen on either side, but did highlight the primary cause of death for the civilian population.
   According to the numerical figures released: 4,625 adult males, 1,519 adult females, and 1,996 children (male and female) were reportedly killed since March of 2015.
   The death toll is calculated at 8,143 civilian lives, with the overwhelming majority of these deaths coming from the Saudi Royal Air Force’s merciless bombing campaign over densely populated cities like Sanaa, Ta’iz, and Saada.
   Perhaps the most disturbing detail regarding the death toll is the exponential rise in these numbers after the Saudi-led Coalition began their war in Yemen.
   Currently, the exiled president ‘Abd-Rubbah Mansour Hadi and his government are negotiating a ceasefire with the Houthis officials; however, many of these attempted ceasefires end in one side violating the guidelines set forth in the agreement.



Prominent Al-Qaeda commander killed in Yemen





   A prominent Al-Qaeda emir (commander) has been reportedly killed in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa after a fierce battle with the Yemeni Security Forces under the command of Brigadier General Fouad Al-Imad.

   According to the Yemeni Army, Imad Ahmad Mohammad Shash was killed alongside a number of his fighters during a skirmish outside the house of Brigadier General Imad’s house.
   Shash was the self-proclaimed “Al-Qaeda emir of Sanaa” before he was killed by the Yemeni security forces on Wednesday morning.
   Shash is also known by several names, including “Nibras al-Sanaani”, “Al-Dib” (bear), and “Sami,” the sources said, citing the confessions of several terrorists arrested by the Yemeni security apparatus.
   The killing of Shash is considered a security achievement since he is one of the most dangerous Al-Qaeda commanders.
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Attacks on hospitals mean people in Yemen are now too scared to go for treatment, MSF says




   Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said the latest bombing of the Shiara hospital in Saada, which killed six and injured seven, was part of a “worrying pattern of attacks to essential medical services”.
   Juan Prieto, general coordinator for MSF’s projects in Yemen, said more than 100 incidents involving hospitals meant people were scared to visit them for all but the most serious emergencies.
   “Medical facilities that should be places of healing for the population, no longer seem to be safe for the patients or for the medical staff operating in them,” he said.
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Houthis seize over 100 Saudi-led Coalition missiles in western Yemen



   On Thursday morning, the Houthis raided a weapons warehouse inside the city of Beit Al-Faqih that belonged to the Saudi-led Coalition forces, seizing over 100 over-the-should missiles and a large stockpile of automatic rifles.  

   According to the footage released by the Houthis, the weapons warehouse was stocked with several missiles of different varieties that belonged to the enemy forces operating along the vast Mocha Coast of Yemen. 
   The city of Beit Al-Faqih is located along the Mocha Coast of western Yemen; it is known for its rich history and large quantity of coffee that is traded from its ports.
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Saudi Army suffers humiliating defeat to Yemeni Forces in Jizan Province



  The Saudi Royal Army suffered a humiliating defeat inside their own country at the hands of the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and the Houthis on Thursday, as the latter captured the strategic mountains of Jabal Al-Dood in southern Saudi Arabia. 

   According to Al-Masdar’s Yemen War correspondent Tony Toh (@TonyTohcy), the Yemeni forces imposed full control over Jabal Al-Dood during a large-scale military operation in the Jizan Province of southern Saudi Arabia, marking another major defeat for the Saudi-led Coalition. 
   In addition to losing Jabal Al-Dood on Thursday, the Saudi-led Coalition forces also surrendered dozens of military personnel and a large cache of weapons to the Yemeni Army and the Houthis. The Saudi-led Coalition has been unable to achieve any success in the provinces of Asir and Jizan, despite possessing the more technologically advanced weaponry and a large air force to attack the Yemeni ground forces and their popular committees. Instead, the Saudi-led Coalition forces have done most of their damage to the Yemeni civilians living in the capital of Sanaa and historical city of Saada in northern Yemen. 
   So far, the war in Yemen has cost nearly 8,500 civilian lives and the large-scale destruction to the country’s architectural infrastructure and political stability.
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Al-Qaeda seizes strategic town in southern Yemen



  On Monday morning, militants belonging to Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) local affiliate Ansar al-Shariah have taken control of a town in southern Yemen, which is located along a major road linking two provincial capitals. 

   According to local officials and tribal witnesses, dozens of Ansar al-Shariah’s militants with pick-up trucks arrived in the early hours of morning in Azzan to setup checkpoints at the entrances to the town and in its streets without facing any resistance, raising their black flag on government buildings. 
   Tribal chiefs said most of the militants who seized Azzan came from the surrounding area. Exiled president ‘Abd-Rubbah Mansour Hadi’s army and Southern Popular Resistance (SPR) reportedly withdrew from Azzan before militants took over the town. 
   The town of Azzan lies on the highway linking the Shabwah province’s capital of Ataq and the city of Mukalla, the capital of the Hadramout province, which was overrun by jihadists in April 2015. It’s the second largest commercial town in the Shabwah province, where it’s situated near to the Balhaf oil facility and Gulf of Aden. 
   It was also the scene where 15 Yemeni soldiers were beheaded by Islamic State fighters last year. Houthis briefly entered Shabwah province and occupied the capital of Ataq before withdrawing in August 2015, resulting in the jihadists taking advantage of this by filling up the security vacuum. AQAP also seized Abyan’s southern provincial towns of Ja’ar, Zinjibar, and Ba Tays late last year.
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