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Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen

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"Today hundreds of Saudi and allied troops, equipped with the latest fighter jets, guided missiles and tanks were ruthlessly slaughtered by some Shia peasants armed with sharpened mud.  Saudi official

After 9/11 the US should have invaded Saudi Arabia.  They're nominally an ally, so they'd never expect it, they actually were involved in funding and supporting the attacks, they have tons of oil, and

  • 2 weeks later...

According to Yuri Lyamin's post, Houthis use drones to damage Patriots SAMs.



UAE forces report that Houthi and Saleh-aligned forces employ the Qasef-1 to target Coalition MIM-104 ‘Patriot’ surface-to-air missile systems. They do so by crashing the UAVs into the systems’ radar sets (specifically the circular main phased arrays)— directing the UAVs by programming their systems with open-source GPS coordinates of the Patriots’ positions. While the Coalition deploys Patriot systems to counter missile threats, the destruction of the Patriots’ radar systems enables Houthi and Saleh-aligned forces to target Coalition assets with volleys of missile-fire unhindered.


Several dismantled Qasef-1 (Ababil-2) UAVs, which was intercepted in Marib province in February 2017.

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14 hours ago, Priory_of_Sion said:

The city of Taiz has been under siege by Houthi/Saleh forces for almost 2 years now. 

You can conclude on this that the Saudis aren't fighting in Taiz as they would have already left. So who is running Taiz?  


   Yeah, Saudi clerics several times noted that they are similar with ISIS. I will not be surprised if they work together. Hell, in Syria Al-Qaeda and ISIS are coordinating their actions time to time, why not Saudis and their dogs in Yemen?


Overal situation in Yemen as of 14th March


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The UAE, which masterfully captured Aden with an amphibious landing in August 2015, had vowed to make the city a model for the rest of the country. A year and a half on it still refuses to let in journalists, so it is hard to measure its success. Security has improved, say locals, but governing institutions remain sorely lacking. Destitute refugees from Aden arriving in Djibouti insist they have seen no evidence of the billion dollars the Emirates claims it is investing in reconstruction. In the territories it has captured, the coalition’s forces battle over the spoils. Mr Hadi’s own southern tribesmen are but one of four forces scrapping for control of the port and the airport. Al-Qaeda is another.

A decent little article 

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   The launch of three Qaher-M2, converted missiles from the S-75 SAM, at the Saudi King Khalid airbase in the Saudi border province of Asher (was carried out at the end of March). Saudi Patriot missiles were used to intercept those rockets.


Launches of Patriot missile systems for intercepting Yemeni rockets


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   April 10 - RIA Novosti. The air strike of the Arab coalition aircraft on Sunday led to the death of one of the rebel leaders from the Ansar Allah movement (houthis) and nine of its escorts near the town of Khoja in the west of Yemen, Saudi electronic publications reported.
   The deceased Abdullah Yahya al-Muayyad was the official representative of the Ministry of Information in the Houthis government. The authenticity of the reports of his death was confirmed by the houthis"



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#ISIS planing and drone reconnaissance before attack in #Yemen




Drone also used for mortar fire correction and monitoring. #Yemen









Also worth noting that #ISIS video production from #Yemen is same quality as the one from #Syria and #Iraq


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