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Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen


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   In light of Houthis recently showing their C-802 AShM, here is a vehicle that was shown in Iran, that is a little bit strange to be used by Iranian forces as it is AShM launcher concealed in civil truck, but for Houthis that operate under total air superiority of enemy...









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#Taiz militia commander in Russian camo. Russian camo is very popular in #Yemen.




Pro-Hadi forces commander Mahfouz Al-Riashi killed by #Houthi/Saleh forces in #Taiz. He commanded the front al-Zahra. Al-Riashi from southern #Dhale province.




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The conflict between the Houthi and Saleh began several months ago. Saleh's party posted a picture of Hadi in Sanaa, the Houthi destroyed these posters. In response Saleh supporters destroyed posters with Houthi martyrs.


After that, battles in Sanaa began. Saleh's Foreign Ministry member @alradhi_ was killed by Houthi. The Houthi then publicly apologized to his family.


Saleh wants to reconcile with Hadi and Saudi Arabia. According to rumors Saleh's son now in the UAE. Perhaps the Saleh party will betray Houthi and give way to pro-Hadi forces to Sana'a.


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21 hours ago, LoooSeR said:

Houthis launched a cruise missile, aiming for nuclear power plant in UAE. Missile either failed or was intercepted. Missile looks like was Iranian-made. More on this later, currently on job.




   Despite the fighting against the forces of the former President Saleh in Sana who opposed them, the Yemeni Houthis continue fighting against the Saudi coalition. Today (December 3, 2017), they first launched a new ground-based cruise missile. The goal was to hit the Baraka nuclear power plant under construction in the UAE, which is more than 1000 km away from the nearest positions of husits in Yemen. The missile itself did not seem to reach the target, according to the statements of the UAE. But it is interesting that Yemen did not have anything like this before the war, and in general, there are few programs for creating long-range cruise missiles to defeat ground targets in the world.

   Judging from the launching footage, the rocket is very similar to the Iranian ground-based cruise missile Soumar, which was presented a couple of years ago and was tested. Maybe Iran decided to test it in combat conditions. But again, I wonder how such a missile was dragged to Yemen .. Perhaps the only option is that it was shipped in parts and then collected in Yemeni terms. But this dramatically increases the likelihood of technical problems, which is probably what happened in flight.



Screenshot from video:



Iranian Soumar:


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More about Houthis missile attack against KSA by Yuri Lyamin





   An interesting investigation came out in the New York Times, if you believe it, the missile's warhead fell directly on the territory of the airport right next to one of the runways, about a kilometer from the airport's internal terminal. In this case, the remains of the missile stage, which separated from warhead, fell down near Riyadh. That is, the missile has routinely worked out its flight program and overcame Saudi air defense, despite of what Saudi and American officials state about this attack. As for the missile itself, the UN experts in the report to the UN Security Council, after researching the remains of the rocket, consider that they correspond to the Iranian Qiam-1 missile, which are delivered to Yemen in parts and are assembled there by Yemeni engineers.


   P.S. I would also add that in fact when Iran introduced the Qiam missile in 2010 it was stated that it is a much more complicated target for interception and it is understandable why. R-17 and their old Korean and Iranian counterparts hit the target with the entire missile, Qiam has the detachable warhead unit, which is a much smaller target. And in addition to this, the missile part that separated from warhead unit is acting as a big false target.


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