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If Collimatrix had his own train, it would be something like this.

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More like this:



Nuclear reactor in the front, tubine and generator in the middle and near rear part of locomotive. Train driver would be located in rear part, on top of all that marvel.






In fact, in 1983 USSR started design program for nuclear train (nuclear-powered trains were called Atomovoz). 


"By 1985, a variant of atomovoz was designed, with nuclear powerplant based on a fast neutron reactor BOR-60 (thermal capacity of 60 MW, 10 MW of electrical power). Locomotive consisted of three sections: middle - with 4-axial carts carrying a nuclear reactor; first and last sections were to be upgraded locomotive 2TE116, with auxiliary diesel and turbine generators. Weight of the reactor and biological protection was 140 tons. For the middle section designers planned to use parts of TEM7 locomotive." 

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