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Alright motherfuckers and motherfuckettes, you've waited long enough.


All the following information comes from German Machineguns by Daniel D. Musgrave and Smith Hempstone Oliver.  I've been using this book as a mousepad for about the past month.


Our first specimen is the RA 55.  








The RA 55 was a Mauser-designed automatic rocket launcher for aircraft mounting.  It was for firing R4M air-to-air rockets.  The first design had dual-drum arrangement, while the second fed from a disintegrating belt.  Cyclic rate was 300 RPM for the first model, and 400 RPM for the second.

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This is the Szakatz machine cannon SZB.  


The Szakatz machine cannon was discovered in 1920 by the Inter-Allied Aeronautical Control Commission.  They fired a unique 19x114mmR cartridge.  Operation was straight blowback with the weighty, 20 pound bolt being decelerated by a combination of spring and pneumatic, or spring and hydraulic action in later models.  The entire weapon was quite weighty and large at about 150 pounds and 7-6 feet long depending on the model.  The ammunition needed to be constructed with a beefy case head and greased to prevent case separations.


Feed is from non-disintegrating belts that are wound up into a rotating cage.  The cage is driven by the weighty bolt (which doubtless had adequate energy for the task!).


It's not a very good design.

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The 5-cm Maschinengranatwerfer was, as the name implies, a maschinen that werfed gratantens.  The weapon was produced in two variants, one for fixed fortifications, and the other mobile.  The authors of the book believe that the mobile version was not intended for mobile operations per se, but rather to patch up holes in damaged fixed defenses.  In operation, these weapons would have been used to cover dead spaces in fortified areas where enemies might infiltrate.



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Best for last.


The HF 15 was a device for firing a string of seven rounds through a single barrel at the remarkable theoretical rate of fire of 25,000 RPM.  The designation "HF" stood for "hohe Feuerfolge" meaning "fast-firing sequence."  It was invented by a Hungarian named Zettl, and some or all of the development was accomplished at Gustloff-Werke.


 Seven 15mm projectiles (the same as used in the MG 151) were arranged in a spiral chamber, with one projectile lined up with the bore.  At the front was a central opening just large enough to permit a projectile to enter the barrel.  At the rear, gas from a special cartridge case was admitted through a port at the outer end of the helix and through a central opening on the axis of the bore.  The gas was *supposed* to move the projectiles around the helix to the central position.  It was intended to develop a special powder charge to provide several successive pressure peaks.  Development was never completed.

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than they would make it like tier 7 prenium and say "it has bad armor, therefor, every other factor is completely balanced"


*conveniently ignores the BL-10 horde killing scores of everything in the background* 

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