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Swedish aircraft carrier proposal, 1946


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I recently found a really weird thing in the archives.



(click for bigger)


A few drawings of an honest-to-god aircraft carrier (although a tiny one) dated in May 1946. I have no idea how serious this proposal was, and I currently don't know any background information that could explain the existence of this project either. It's very detailed but I really can't figure out what they were thinking they'd do with it - projecting power in the Baltic sea really isn't that big of a deal.


Data as given in the drawing

Length overall: 148.2 m

Designed waterline length: 140 m

Greatest beam: 28.4 m

Beam at design waterline: 20 m

Design draft: 5.5 m

Displacement, standard: 7800 tonnes

Displacement, full load: 8100 tonnes

Speed at 28000 shaft horsepower: 25 knots

Aircraft carried: 20 de Havilland Sea Vampire


- eight 12 cm guns in twin turrets

- 16 40mm Bofors autocannons in both single and twin mountings

- 17 single-mount 25mm autocannons


- 75 mm waterline belt plus 25 mm in "torpedo compartments" (?)

- 25 + 50 mm deck

Crew: 535 men


Side and top view:




Front section



Center section



Rear section





Cross sections and deck plans


Cross sections



Upper deck plans



Lower deck plans


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