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We're going to pretend that the reason I am not working out the ideal ascent path for spaceplanes is because 1.0 will introduce new aerodynamics and make all my work shortly obsolete, and it's not because I am bad @ calculus.


My thinking is something like this at the moment:


-For a given orbit you need potential energy (altitude) and kinetic energy (velocity).


-Lower orbits require less potential energy, and more kinetic energy.  However, higher orbits have higher total energy.


-To get into orbit you need to fight gravity drag and aerodynamic drag.


-Spaceplanes end up losing more energy to aerodynamic drag because they dwaddle in the atmosphere for so long.  However, when they are in the atmosphere, spaceplanes can use jet engines, which have absurd ISP, and they can convert velocity into lift very efficiently (dunno how L/D works in KSP).  Spaceplanes tend to lose relatively little energy to gravity drag because they are basically turned sideways the whole time and can efficiently create upforce through aerodynamic lift.




That's a little beyond my ability to model and optimize.



But here's a thought; what if you had a lifting platform with a bunch of basic jets that brings your rocket straight up before staging off?  Just a few tens of thousands of meters; enough to get some extra potential energy and to avoid the thickest part of the atmosphere.  The second stage could then have a retarded thrust to weight ratio and have fewer concerns about aerodynamic drag.  It could be just a cluster of solids or something.


You could shoot the whole assembly straight up at evening for Eve missions...

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Jebediah Kerman, Hero of Space


The Mk VI Mod 1. It primarily differs from the base Mk VI by replacing the Mk 1 cockpit with an external command seat and a shock cone intake. The base Mk VI is a VTOL capable single seat SSTO spaceplane. It was designed to landing on Mun and Minmus, but is also capable of vertical landings on Kerbin.


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The Mk X space plane. Single stage capable of orbiting Mun and return to Kerbin. It might also be possible to orbit Minmus and return as well. The Mk X is quite capable of achieving orbit around Minmus, and can return to, and land on Kerbin with fuel remaining.



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Mk XI dropping a boat!!!


The Mk XI is a SSTO cargo hauler designed for economically launching satellites, but its ample cargo bay has also been found useful for dropping small to mid sized rovers, and in this case, a small unmanned research watercraft.



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The turbo jet powered Mk XIII VTOL. Reaction wheels and SAS are your friend when building VTOLs. The Mk XIII has approximately 13 minutes of full throttle endurance, and 20 minutes of hover endurance.




Bill and Jeb are attempting to recreate a scene from "True Lies"


also, stop the boats!!!


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