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You throw a bunch of shit into the commonly-used orbital paths orbiting the wrong direction.  Point and laugh as everyone is trapped on the planet until they come up with some clever scheme to clean out all that junk.


Or rather, threaten to do this unless paid ONE MEEEELION FUNDS!

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The time delayed space frag grenade.  Because of the construction and design methods used in the warhead, as soon as the rocket is launched it is put into a state that will eventually end with the deployment of the sub-munitions. Fortunately, user inputs can prevent the deployment until the target orbit is reached.


This design uses steel girders as sub-munitions. The arrangement and deployment methods have eliminated the "donut of death" pattern that was present in previous designs, instead producing a more even dispersion.





Problems where encounter with early trials that involved the "donut" type warheads. Instead of matching orbital paths with the target, the warhead had to be offset, and then deployed withing a specific distance of the target to ensure that it would be caught in the sub-munition field. This means that a substantial portion of your sub-munitions are wasted, and are just being deployed into empty space. While only a small number of sub-munitions are actually effective against the target, the donut type reduces the number that have a meaningful probability of interception. This greatly reduces the effectiveness of the warhead.





A failed attempt to intercept the Hrothgar station shows the flaw of the initial designs.





An example of the space frag deployment pattern. This was done on a suborbital trajectory for safety reasons.



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Well, I broke down and installed atomic age.


The namesake of the Ceres class cruisers. It is essentially a sister hull of the Cataphract that has received an upgraded engine package. The 26 LV-N "Nerv" engines where replaced with 6 CCGC-7 "Nuclear Lightbulbs", increasing the total output from 1560kN to 2700kN. This brought the ship delta V from somewhere the low 7k range to the mid 11k range. (I still need to update mechjeb, so I just did some rough calculations).


Update: Cataphract has a maximum delta V of 6883, Ceres has 11359.


Ceres is currently undergoing testing around Mun. After the conclusion of testing, she will refuel in mun orbit, and then transfer to Moho to assist Cataphract with refueling. Both ships will then transfer to Eve to gather information about both Eve and Gilly.


Wet weight of the ship is 569 tons.

Maximum thrust 2700kN

Max acceleration at maximum weight is ~4.75m/s.


It takes approx 1600 seconds to burn through the 293.82 tons of liquid fuel on board.



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Experiments with the Orange Dragon Pipeline. The idea was to make a pipeline from the drilling rigs in the rich mineral fields of Minmus to the equatorial launch facilities. Unfortunately, the game engine will not support the amount of parts needed for a pipeline that can span the 12.3km distance. This section of pipeline is 7.7km long, and has 1025 parts.



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The first of the Conjurer class of heavy cruisers. This time, I actually named the first ship the same as its class.


The Conjurer successfully completed a test flight to Minmus, where it rendezvoused with Ceres. In addition to an initial systems and engine test of Conjurer, this allowed Ceres to test its two part rigid tether system.






The Conjurer class is roughly 50% heavier than the Ceres class, coming in at ~850 tons. It's propulsion system consists of 9 CCGC-7 Nuclear Lightbulb engines, producing 4.050 MN of thrust.





Conjurer testing it's point defense system.



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