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Oh, it does? Sweet.


My quick review.


Sims: So freaking nimble. Dance all over the place. You're fast, your ship turns on a dime, and your turrets turn fast enough you can pick it up. The torps suck, but you can dance around laying harassment fire really easy. Very fun to play, I haven't gotten much time in it.


Grimyaschy: An interesting middle ground between US and Japanese destroyers. Where US destroyer guns aim quickly, reload quickly and lob their shells, the Grimyaschy aims very slowly, reloads quickly, and its shells move. The torpedoes are good but relatively few, and the ship is small but not tiny. Once you get the gun turn speed upgrade on the commander it's a great ship with a high skill ceiling since you have to plan your gun turns ahead of time, and getting close in against destroyers is tricky if you don't know what you're doing.


Yubari: effectively free if you get the three pack rather than buying the Sims and Grim separately, which is a happy coincidence because that's exactly what it's worth. Japanese light citadels suck, and the Yubari's about the biggest target. It doesn't have a very powerful battery, has a small load of torps and its main advantage is a pretty good AA suite that isn't worth the downsides in the slightest.

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