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The Ghost Fleet


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This might be as good of time as any to have a repository for interesting photos and news about naval vessels which are retired, about to be scrapped, are museums or are residing in one of the many so-called Ghost Fleets across the world.


Living near Bremerton Naval Shipyard, I've had the pleasure since I was a kid of gawking at the pale grey figures of retired US Navy ships anchored in Puget Sound.


As for an interesting article, one of our state legislators in Washington state is proposing a study on whether two to three retired aircraft carriers at Bremerton, the USS Independence, The USS Constellation and the USS Kitty Hawk can be tethered together in order to create a floating bridge.


At first blush the proposal seems far-fetched. Although it would be an innovative way to quickly create a long floating bridge, a process in my state that can take a decade and cost billions of dollars.


Per the article.


"I know that people from around the world would come to drive across the deck of an aircraft carrier bridge, number one,” Young said. “Number two, it's the right thing to do from my standpoint because this is giving a testimony and a legacy memorial to our greatest generation."


The local NPR station article is here.




The Washington Post article is here.





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It would instantly be a national if not world wide tourist attraction. Which can bring about its own difficulties. But I think the pros would outweigh the cons. The question would be the structural upkeep. I don't think this would be any more or less manageable than the upkeep on our state's other floating bridges and could be paid in part by local hotel/tourist taxes. There's an engineering standpoint regarding salt water erosion and tidal movement which isn't that much at point of Puget Sound. Plus the actual engineering of keeping the ships in place and the roadway connecting them.


So of course the Navy will want to throw cold water on the whole thing.

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