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Intro guide to nuclear energy

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Regarding the wrongness of hippies, it's highly annoying to me how people flip shit about Three Mile Island, and how it has basically shut down construction of nuclear plants in this country. Yes, what happened at TMI was a bad thing, but to hear people talk about it you would think the entire state of Pennsylvania was turned to a radioactive wasteland.

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OK, I'm actually still working on this.


I'm stuck for a couple of niggling and stupid reasons.


1)  I moved house in January and lost the outline.  I could re-create it, but have not done so.


2)  I'm working on the section on reactor design types, and I've realized that my organizational scheme is a complete mess.  I should re-make it entirely, but I don't know of a good scheme to categorize reactor designs by.  Some people categorize them by coolant, which is weird because otherwise very dissimilar reactor designs end up in the same categories because they happen to use burned, mashed-up hippies for coolant or whatever, while others categorize them by moderator and sort of lump all the fast neutron designs together.


3)  The next section is on burn-up, and I need to do a lot of reading on that still.

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