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Vasa Cannon Project


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The Vasa was a Swedish warship from the 1600s mostly notable for rolling over and sinking on its maiden voyage. Recently, there was a project to  build and test fire a replica of one of the cannons from the ship; http://www.saabgroup.com/en/About-Saab/Newsroom/Press-releases--News/2014---12/NAVAL-LIFE-IN-THE-1600S-WHAT-THE-VASA-CANNON-CAN-TEACH-US-/#.VTAdrZMXHVI



Apparently, the ballistics are decent; http://www.svt.se/nyheter/vetenskap/mer-krut-i-vasas-kanoner (thank you google translate). I'm not familiar with the performance of cannons from that time period, but a supersonic muzzle velocity from an early 17th century piece sounds pretty good.

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