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I actually got cancer.

T__A did too, apparently.




There are already reports of random players re-posting popular mods in a bid to make some easy cash on the workshop. This is painful, and stupid, and dumb, and stupid (and dumb).


A mod maker has no obligation to further support the mod, provide any compatibility patches, and there is (currently) no system in place to prevent re-posts of mods as it's impossible to effectively verify the owner correctly. Furthermore, there is nothing, as far as I can tell, to prevent people from simply demoing mods, and then re-posting (or indeed re-running them) after the demo period. It's sort of sad to see Steam support this kind of system in favor of a voluntary donation system only because it's a hell of a lot more consistent and doesn't cause this kind of immediate chaos. Plus, this really only affects those who do not use a system like nexusmods and prefer to stay within the realm of fully automated mod installation without worrying about conflicts (those who don't really know what they are doing).


Then again, I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing mods get pulled from nexusmods in an attempt to gather profit off of Steam's workshop. I fully support any system that supports modders, but I can't support a system that actively prevents players from getting access to mods that they previously could (with a bit of searching), without the immediate possibility of being nickle and dimed. Had this been a straight donation system, I would have been all for it, as a player can choose whether or not a mod merits a price tag, or a mod maker deserves compensation (assuming that kind of money is even available). Bad move Steam.


T__A will continue with this report from the cesspool of our combined terminal autism.

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The best thing is everything's done by DMCA takedown so people who (hypothetically of course) have their stuff pulled off the nexus by someone else and uploaded to steam with a money requirement have to pony up for a lawyer before they see their first quarter cent.


Wonder if there's going to be a scandal with small mods getting taken down before the author hits the 100 bucks (on their end, so 400 in sales) that they have to pull in before they get paid.

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Well, this was kind of funny.


I'd like to point out that I really do love Valve as a both a game developer and as a business, in most cases. This specific incident however, is pretty uncharacteristic, and I find it sort of incredible that a company that has had so much experience with modders and has supported modders in the past could not foresee this being a huge issue. Part of the problem is just how easy it is to fool the system, part of the problem is the amount of money valve and bethesda take home based on previously free content, but mostly it's that modding NEEDS to be separate from a paid business because of the nature of mods as a whole. Mods often use other mods as resources, often through a simple verbal agreement. Mods often do not even incorporate any new content, and instead tweak or patch existing content in a very simplistic way (which may be added to another mod). In order to maintain that environment, modders absolutely NEED to be payed through a donation system rather than being explicitly payed for content or a service, or else all of it falls apart. There are simply too many technical hiccups to overcome, especially when trying to do this with a game like Skyrim (or indeed ANY TES game), which has such an established modding system and community.

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