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C-27 Roll on/off Gunship Package


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This seems like a good thing for smaller countries who can't afford a dedicated gunship but need to do counterinsurgency shit (while also having some sort of useful transport capacity).

Yep.  Italy is buying them for Spec Ops support.

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It's not just attractive for smaller countries.  A lot of special forces have their own budgets, separate from the rest of the military, from which they can procure toys that they can't get from the regular military supply chain.  A mini gunship on a budget, that quietly fits into existing transports, would likely turn a lot of heads.




This is basically what killed the Mk. 16 SCAR.  SOCOM could get M4s for free from the main US Army supply chain, but they had to pay for SCARs out of their discretionary budget.  Was the SCAR a better rifle?  Seeing as it was designed specifically to SOCOM requirements, I would freaking hope so.  But it was cutting into the budget for things like those fancy stealthed-up UH-60s they used in Neptune Spear.

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