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Woman Distracted By Candy Crush On Her iPad Walks In Front Of Duck Boat, Dies


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It's really about certain people not having the wherewithal to do the bare minimum in order to survive. Every time I drive in the city, I see folks who just assume that I will not run them down and turn them into a bloody smear on the pavement whenever the "Walk" sign flashes at an intersection. And while I am flattered at this faith that they have in my driving skills, I worry that this same trust is extended to other drivers in the City of Seattle. Because it's not like it is completely unheard of that cars and trucks run red lights (or fucking bicyclists) nor is it completely unheard of that a vehicle can't stop because of a malfunction in their braking system or perhaps the driver is suffering from a medical emergency.


Worse, at times there is a sense of entitlement in the fact that certain pedestrians (and fucking bicyclists) assume that you will yield to them whenever they wander out into the road. As a funny story, when I attended the University of Washington, it was pretty flagrant how many times students and faculty would just step out onto the street in front of you, regardless if there was an intersection or crosswalk, and assume that you'd just stop your car. Now most of the time I drove either my Toyota pickup truck or my mom's 1990 Honda Civic onto the campus. But a few times (three or four) I was forced to use the farm truck, which was a 1969 Ford F-100 with a 302 V-8 with straight exhaust pipes coming right out of the headers. And I can tell you, whenever I drove that truck onto campus, no one jumped out in front of me.

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It looks like the concern is over the driver's visibility making it harder to see people, not about it killing people deader on impact.


I am willing to be money that the driver's visibility is well within the minimum stopping distance at speed.

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Ride the Ducks are the new vigilantes against scofflaw pedestrians!




A pedestrian who was struck by a Ride the Ducks amphibious vehicle on Tuesday afternoon in downtown Seattle was crossing against the light when he was hit, according to Seattle police.

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