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Woman Distracted By Candy Crush On Her iPad Walks In Front Of Duck Boat, Dies


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They Live!!!


Ride the Ducks are back on the streets of Seattle!


Hide your foreign exchange students! Put away your personal handheld device!


For no one is safe on the the roadways of the Emerald City!


They know where you are!


And the last thing you'll ever hear is the sound of tourists quacking on duck calls while an overworked and distracted driver/tour guide mangles basic facts of local history!



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Ride the Ducks lives! And it hungers for man flesh!




A Ride the Ducks vehicle and a car crashed in Seattle’s Lower Queen Anne, the first reported collision involving one of the amphibious vehicles since September’s deadly collision on the Aurora Bridge.


Police said the car, a red Toyota Camry, and the Ride the Ducks vehicle both tried making a left turn onto Fifth Avenue from separate lanes when they collided.

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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to be struck, run down and killed by Ride the Ducks.


Woman driving scooter dies after being struck by duck boat

The duck boat Penelope Pru was stopped at a red light on Charles Street waiting to head up Beacon Hill with a load of tourists on board. Just ahead, also waiting to turn, was a motor scooter with two riders out to enjoy the crisp spring morning.


It was a familiar Boston scene. Then the light, and everything, changed.

“The duck boat just took off and actually went into the back of the people on the scooter,” said Graham Foster, recounting the scene that unfolded before him around 11:30 a.m.

The scooter operator tried to accelerate, Foster said, but could not get out of the duck boat’s way in time. He said witnesses yelled at the duck boat operator and tried to alert him.

“The [scooter] flipped on the side and the next thing you know [the duck boat] ran right over [the scooter],” Foster said.

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It continues.


Another incident with a Ride the Ducks vehicle over the weekend brings the total to three collisions since a 2015 fatal crash on the Aurora Bridge.

On Sunday, March 19, a Ride the Ducks vehicle trapped a sedan under its front end while driving on Westlake Avenue. The 65-year-old driver of the sedan reported an injury to her hand. Witnesses to the incident report that the Duck vehicle moved into the lane with the sedan.

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