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Jahn-Teller Effect Metal

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How high temperature superconductors and the like work is basically wizardry to me. Apparently a lot of them involve copper oxides for some reason, but I have no clue why (something to do with electron orbitals?). All I remember about that is from high school chem where we had to learn what sp, sp2, sp3, etc. looked like.

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Blame sciencealert for missing that detail - people have known that c60 with some other stuff can superconduct around 30K for ages and the study doesn't find anything much improved on that. Here's the study (this might or might not work for you, I'm on university internet right now so I have no idea how open it is to mere mortals)

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Yeah. I don't claim to have any firm knowledge of this level of physics or chemistry other than at a very elementary level. And I'm mostly happy to live in a world of Newtonian physics with the vague hope that some general/politician/jihadi/NorthKorean/redneck doesn't strap a bunch of dynamite around a chunk of uranium/plutonium and say "Hey y'all, watch this!". (Nuclear reactors are just giant steam engines, they're cool too).


Still, this sort of thing is always fascinating to me (admittedly much in the same way as a slack-jawed villager views travelling a magic act).

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