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What were they thinking?

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1) These idiots will never hit me.  Why don't they just go ahead and shoot?

2) I can't remember how it goes, ready, fire aim?  Fuck it, I will just shoot my pistol in the air.

3) Shit!  I was suppose to write down his last words, but I could not hear them.  Did he really say 'goathead' to the squad?

4) I wonder if they would still let me shoot this guy if they knew I was only 11?

5) Jesus, they always put me in the second rank and I am only 1.2 meters tall!

6) Goathead, how can he know that!

7)  You know, this would be a cool time to use my grenade.

8) I wonder what he meant by cheek weld?  Could that be why I always miss?


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