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The Fedora wearing open carry asshat is at it again.

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i dont know how he did it


maybe through the amount of gung-ho constitutionalism that has turned him into the fascist he appears to oppose


or the general lack of social skills due to the over-occurring theme of not tolerating others opinions or writing them off as commie stooges


but he has offically made the akm look un-cool (the gun produced by, proliferated, and served the type of totatliatrain regime i proudly used to live under and one that would lock him up in an instant)



i guess the 5.45 master race wins again  :rolleyes:


to be fair, the fact that he owns a fedora probably means he's just the type of asshat that wont rape a weapon with taticool dildos but will convert it to 5.56 for no other reason than to be different from other Aks


and something about costs or whatever, i dont know if 7.62 grows on tree's in the States like it does in my backyard 


It's very common here.

Take heart, it's just a Romanian AK.

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