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WoT v WT effort-thread


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I've been hearing rumours that WT might split up the ground and air tech trees in the fashion of coastal/deepwater naval. This is something I'd love to see, as it instantly decompresses the tech trees and give me a reason to actually play cold war and modern tanks.


For extra points, I'd implement such that, say, the top tier of the WWII tree is the reserve of the cold war/modern tree. This gives you something to look forward to as you grind to the T-44 or whatever from the bottom, while also having said T-44 get beaten like a rented mule when it goes up against more modern vehicles.

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8 hours ago, Bronezhilet said:

Apparently it will be a line in the British tree. So have fun grinding 5 British vehicles for each SA vehicle you want to play!



That's better than a whole new country, with crews with no skill. Of course that assuming you've done the British stuff. I've gotten to 6.7 ish. 

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Olifant incoming.

[Development] Olifant Mk1A: The Beast of Desert - News - War Thunder


Not the more interesting Mk.1B (which will probably be a high tier premium, knowing Gaijin), but nice to see. Are the cages around the turrets smoke grenades to keep the launchers from being pulled off by thick foliage? 

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War Thunder "Ixwa Strike" - Changelog - Updates - Game - War Thunder


Tis here, comrades. 


some interesting notes: 

  • Germany and France got the Austrian SK-105A2 (JagerPanzer Kanone A2 in the German tree). 
  • USSR got the BT-7M and the T-28 model 1938
  • Olifant Mk.2 and "TTD" for the South African branch, as well as another 105mm armed Rooikat (main tree this time) 
  • Italy got the Pz.3N sans hull schurtzen (non premium), Pz.4G, and Stug.3G as well as the Etna light cruiser (which was never completed)
  • Japan got the AA cruiser Isuzu (Kuma derivative) and a low tier TD "Ji-Ro", armed with a 120mm Schneider cannon and SAP 
  • Nuclear armed aircraft are available in tank RB (for 3000 spawn points), and on successful bomb drop, instantly win the game: 
  • Spoiler

    Preset nuclear weapon-carrying aircraft have been added to RB tank battles. When a player spawns in such an aircraft, an air raid signal is triggered at the capture points. The bomb can only be dropped on the battlefield part of the map (where ground vehicles of the players are moving) so the enemy team will have a chance to intercept. After a successful bomb drop and detonation the team scores an instant victory. Aircraft nuclear weapon carriers are available for respawn for all players if they accumulate enough respawn score (3000 regardless of the game session BR, number of respawns on other aircraft and successful scouting) and are divided by rank of the game session:

    BR 6.7-7.7: Тu-4 / B-29A-BN;

    BR 8.0-9.0: Il-28 / Canberra B.Mk.6;

    BR 9.3+: Su-7BKL / Jaguar A.

    may god have mercy on game balance...


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To be fair if you manage to accumulate 3000 points in RB, either your team already won the game anyway, or your team completely collapsed and you got most of the kills (which allow you to actually not get screwed over by a terrible team).


The amount of points needed to spawn the bomb can always be adjusted if needed.

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5 hours ago, Jeeps_Guns_Tanks said:

The line of British stuff that leads to the SA tanks actually looks pretty fun.   The F-8 is pretty, and maybe we'll get a NAVY Phantom. It's fucking travesty, the service who actually developed the Phantom did not get it first. 

M8 greyhound is premium in US tree, but main tier in Chinese tree... absolutely disgraceful... 

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Been messing around with the Gaijin War Thunderish FPS called Enlisted, its in Beta.  Surprisingly fun.  Kinda gives me BF2 vibes, but has a squad mode where you have a bunch of dudes to order around and you can jump into any of them at any time.  So you can have infantry squads, and if you want to snipe, you jump to the sniper, if he is still alive. Want to charge a room, switch to a guy with an SMG. 



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16 hours ago, Lord_James said:

Is that a ZiS on a literal tractor? 

Yeah, it was a joke thing, IIRC.


14 hours ago, Sturgeon said:

this looks extremely retarded.

More like "things that happened".

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