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Okay, just executeded my towewr... Literally.  As in stuffedd a P-38 in it's ass and pulled the trigger.     Yes, I shot my computer. Three times.. Fuck that dell POS..

Here's a little story in pictures. AB, going ok, I jump into a ground attack plane, AD-2 with Tiny Tims.          End result, dead mad wehraboo!

Best aircraft kill yet, brought to you by @RobotMinisterofTrueKorea   MiG-15 taken out with artillery strike.  

My saga involving OldNavyManCVN65 continues. The first time around, I got the drop on his T28 prot. with my M4A1 Rev. Two shots in a row went into his fuel tanks, and he burned to death. After such events transpired, he opened a dialog in global chat detailing his desire to "hunt me down, tear out my heart, and feed it to me." or something along those lines. At any rate, this was a lengthy exposition on his part, filled with profanity and terrible spelling. He also sent me a PM after the battle to continue to his rant. Long story short, just to troll him some more, I sent WG some screenshots and the replay. The apparent result was a week long ban, judging by his activity stats.


Anyways, I encountered him again, and this was the result. Sadly, the battle was lost, but the tears make it worthwhile.



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Super lame move by wargaming. 




We have received quite a bit of community feedback that "Battle Chat" between the teams during a battle has been a source not only of abusive language, but also of "griefing" and cheating. The cross-team chat often becomes too emotional and provocative, or is used to reveal your team's position to the opponents. To prevent this, we’ve decided to disable the cross-team "Battle Chat" in all battle types except Team Training.
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Attention Clan of the comieboo members. If someone from the Totem clan complains about me, it's probably because I called out some shitter from their clan who began a match spamming the chat with five separate messages, calling everyone on the team retards and threatening to let anyone who didn't do what he ordered them to do to die. He then proceeded to take his Skorpion TD and camp so far back on the Malinovka map, that he couldn't get any shots off to aid the team and then died uselessly, farming 2,000 worthless points of endgame damage.


That I spent 10 minutes cursing him on PM and expounding upon the fact that I've seen brain-damaged gutter rats play better before blacklisting him and then passing this information along to the Totem clan leader might seem petty were it not for the fact that the guy came off as an absolute prig combined with just how blatantly obvious it was that he was trying to pad his WN8 numbers.


Fuck that guy. And fuck WN8 padders.

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More reminder as to why I dropped WoT... Infinte 75/76mm bounces.


I initially dropped because the mogoloids at WG could not understand that  57mm shot, be it Brit or Soviet could in fact poke holes in shit... And now Iim reminded that these same dipshits cannot seem to understand that 75mm shot will do the same.


FFS, this game.  Off to remote drive gulag with you. Shoo!

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The number of times that I have fired HE at Skorpions and RHMs, only to have the round go right into the gun and did literally nothing to them is amazing. I'd put it on par if not greater than the number of bullshit bounces that you get on the AMX-13 series tanks.


Also, the console devs have been provided us with a comparative example of just how inept the PC devs are. Console is getting in game armor models, in game module models, weather effects, environmental effects, and the fucking Chieftain Mk 6.... Basically everything that the PC crowd has wanted and been asking for over the past couple years. I guess they have an easier time because all the work they do applies to only one system with little hardware variation, but that is still not really an excuse for the poor management of the PC development.

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