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Okay, just executeded my towewr... Literally.  As in stuffedd a P-38 in it's ass and pulled the trigger.     Yes, I shot my computer. Three times.. Fuck that dell POS..

Here's a little story in pictures. AB, going ok, I jump into a ground attack plane, AD-2 with Tiny Tims.          End result, dead mad wehraboo!

Best aircraft kill yet, brought to you by @RobotMinisterofTrueKorea   MiG-15 taken out with artillery strike.  

So what sets that thing apart from the normal T-44? I mean are those nifty side skirts even functional?

I have no idea. I'm not going to be able to play WoT much now for the next week since I have to be travelling for almost a week.


Honestly, I didn't do the mission really for the tank. I did it to accomplish the mission since I've never finished one of those WoT marathons before.

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I guess in addition to the T-44-100, I'll be getting a new TOG tomorrow since there was a daily mission for September about being the top 3 tank in 3 different tiers and - blah blah blah - do it enough times and you get to choose a fancy mid-tier Premium.


And one of the choices was Tog






I'll be honest, I haven't been keeping up on all the missions and whatever - save for T-44-100 - and just have been goldfishing my way through shit.

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