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Okay, just executeded my towewr... Literally.  As in stuffedd a P-38 in it's ass and pulled the trigger.     Yes, I shot my computer. Three times.. Fuck that dell POS..

Here's a little story in pictures. AB, going ok, I jump into a ground attack plane, AD-2 with Tiny Tims.          End result, dead mad wehraboo!

Best aircraft kill yet, brought to you by @RobotMinisterofTrueKorea   MiG-15 taken out with artillery strike.  

Been Wart Hundering a bit, and I've discovered that the P-51 is disgustingly good in AB


Contrary to rumor and forum lore, it was a "disgustingly" good plane overall.

The 20mm one at 3.7?  It's not even fair for the other team, and I'm bad at planes


WT cannot into A-36 variants.

Yeah, 4x20mm at BR 3.7 is hilarious, especially if the rest of your line-up is 3.0s


Edit: Just ran 10 kills 1 assist 0 deaths in it, avg K/D of 6 so far. There are no trade-offs for that plane, it's just better than its tier.


Meh, if I'm ever feeling especially cruel, I'll upload some replays from my "Nieces and Nephews Vs Meplat" where I'm in the F-86, and they bring "whatever".


30/1 KR's are not unusual when that happens, but usually I'm in the Stringbag or some other absurd early attack bird and basically playing "dodge the rugrats"..


Which is amusing in it's own right, since I know what a "rudder" and "throttle" are for..

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An idea that I've been throwing around in my head as a fix for a bunch of games where you end up with ahistorical numbers of heavies/battleships/whatever is to force player to field teams of vehicles instead of unlocking individual ones and playing them one at a time.


So for a ship game you'd have to put together a team containing a third tier, second tier and capital tier ship (for intance), with your team being slotted into the matchmaker. The matchmaker, having found 30 people for a match, then assigns 16 of them a third tier slot, 10 a second tier slot and 4 a capital tier slot at random. You then play whatever ship in your team fits your slot. Third-tier stuff could be DDs, support vessels, merchant cruisers and MACs. Second-tier could be CAs, escort carriers and the flashier specialist ships. Capital tier would be BBs and Fleet carriers. 


This would allow you to have more variation in ship types and roles, would limit ships to historical numbers, provide a few extra balancing options and allow even newbie players access to very powerful ships should they get lucky and get assigned a capital ship slot. It would make tier progression a bit more difficult to manage, however, as you'd have to come up with some way to force players to fill out their teams with tier-appropriate vehicles. Perhaps you could cut your tree up into mini-trees within each of, say, three or four tiers? Then allow players to only pick their teams from within the tiers?

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Ok, I have to admit, I have started to enjoy War Thunder. Part of it is having progress to work through, the other is so many Shermans! Plus, I've started messing around with air battles, and they are somewhat fun too.


The Lee is really fun, I love how both turrets work, and it's nice to be able to hammer a tank with both guns.  


One thing I know won't change though, their forum and 'community' are still a bunch of twats.  The tanks still drive really poorly, but you can get used to it somewhat, and I'm assuming a really high drivers skill helps. 

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