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Okay, just executeded my towewr... Literally.  As in stuffedd a P-38 in it's ass and pulled the trigger.     Yes, I shot my computer. Three times.. Fuck that dell POS..

Here's a little story in pictures. AB, going ok, I jump into a ground attack plane, AD-2 with Tiny Tims.          End result, dead mad wehraboo!

Best aircraft kill yet, brought to you by @RobotMinisterofTrueKorea   MiG-15 taken out with artillery strike.  

Downtiering the German heavies makes some degree of sense, because the higher tiered ones are lolbuffed to remain competitive. Though honestly, it probably would create more problems than it solved, one of the biggest ones being the huge black cloud of unwarranted Wehraboo smug that would blot out the Sun and cause an artificial winter.



that's some teamoldmill stuff right there


Teamoldmill was exactly what I was thinking about when I read this, the fucking bastard.


I'm kind of annoyed since I can DPM and out-hitpoint IS and T-29 jockeys in any nut-kicking contest that I have with them in the Tiger. And conversely, I know how to wreck wanna-be Michael Wittman wehraboo Tiger driving scum in any Tier 5 tank of mine.


I like the Tigger as a Tier 7. But SerB needs more wehraboo dollars to pay for his Belarussian hookers.

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Yeah. TWith its sponge of a turret and the "Hit me Here!" lower plate, the Tiger 2 is pretty frustrating until you learn this one weird trick about angling.


With that said, with server population in NA West, I really hate playing Tier 8 matches since 2/3s of the time I'm stuck playing with the autist shittards at Tier 10 which I have ZERO interest in. It's why I have no Tier X vehicles ever. And the Tiger 2 is just dog meat at that sort of MM.


In Tier 8 matches, I just bully opponents and use its weight and hit points to ram damage opponents in the super realistic and historically accurate face hugging battle that we've come to know and love with WoT.

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I mean, it's got pretty damn good gun handling, and the gun is not bad. The armor works sometimes. Kinda. If you angle it. And if people don't outskill you by placing their shots on that 185 mm turret face with their ~0.4 m accuracy guns. The mobility is bleh, but workable.

Personally, I think if they just gave it a higher rate of fire with DPM comparable with the Tiger I, they could call it a day there.

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I have to admit, the last time I played WOT and got one shotted by an arty, I thought, WT is shitty, but I don't have to deal with this BS. 


Tired of fuckwits sailing into the side of me, then shooting me saying "i'm blocking them"/ "stealing their kills", while proclaiming  their expertise, oblivious to the CBT flag.



Hey, You. You, the masses of waterhead mongoloid motherfuckers taking these games far too fucking seriously because you have zero fucking substance outside of them... You enjoying the game I helped test?  Yes!? Good! Fuck you. I quit.

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Should have to oned with friends Meplat.

Or lacking that, us.

If I decide to donate my accounts, all will share.  I'd insist on making them "guild" accounts, barring that selling everything and donating the proceeds.


My WoT account has an absurd amount of gold in it, as does the associated WoWp account.


The WoWs is pretty sparse but has a lot of credits, as I never could be chuffed to spend them.


Pretty pissed off overall right now, and disgusted at how much time I wasted on these games.

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I have so much time and effort tied into WOT, I can't see just deciding to quit forever, I may play it again at some point. It is more fun to just drive the tanks around for kicks in. 


WT is much harder, but it air battles are pretty fun, I can do ok with a combo keyboard and mouse in arcade, and I'll try realistic later once I have good crews and decked out planes. 


For ground battles, I'm enjoying the lower level battles more than higher, but as I get better crews the driving part is a little less anoying, and I'm learning the maps. 

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It's sad, the campaign is actually kind of nice, in that it has revived tier 10 clan wars. CW 2.0 basically killed normal tier 10 activity. The global map was even more stagnant than during 1.0, mostly because all the shitter clans fucked off to tier 6 and 8 maps, and left a hand full of good clans to sit on all the provinces and rake in gold. At one point, FAM was sitting on something like 18k gold per day worth of provinces. So, the campaign is nice because it has brought back tier 10 competitive game play. At the same time, it is cancer because it is a month long event of hard grinding for not so great reward tanks.


I still like WoT, but in more of a social way now. There is nothing interesting left to grind, and grinding has gotten way to old anyways. At it's core, I still enjoy the base game, and sometimes I even enjoy the game play. However, it seems that for every improvement WG makes, it is on the heals of so many mistakes and misleading statements. I guess I will keep playing it until I stop enjoying it.

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Annd  uninstalled.


Will think about donating my accounts. Also, one free WoWp account with CB/OB bennies.  Yes, I tested that piece of shit.

And WoWs.


I tested WoWP during the fly into the ground for free gold E3 event. I think I spend more time watching Stargate: Atlantis than looking at my monitor.

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