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37 minutes ago, Meplat said:

You buy it.


2,980 Gaijin scrip bux.


I got it for half off, so I was thinking the thing was 1,500 gold.  So it's not as cheap as I remembered, but still not going to break the bank.


Granted the Ram II is the only other premium I've had for such a short span of time, but I'd consider this to be perhaps the best premium to get with gold.  Nice tier for farming dosh (not an issue for me), not a clone of an existing tank, and at a strong BR for that nation.  I know a lot of people hate US 5.0 since you get stuck fighting T-34-85s and are often uptiered, but it's never bothered me.


I may as well list off some others while I'm at it, but it we're talking purely lols, the ZUT-37 and NbFz are both excellent.  The NbFz is the best 1.3 seal clubber, and is in the nation that hosts the best normal 1.3 seal clubbers IMO.  The ZUT-37 is just fun with that 37mm autocannon, though I'm unsure of how much the hull break mechanics have hurt it.  T-44-122 I'm a huge fan of as well, though I know many dislike the awful reload speed.


Of course there's other excellent premium tanks out there, but those are either from grindfest marathons or straight from your wallet.  Normal premiums you can just get through golden battle wagers.

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Okay, just executeded my towewr... Literally.  As in stuffedd a P-38 in it's ass and pulled the trigger.     Yes, I shot my computer. Three times.. Fuck that dell POS..

Here's a little story in pictures. AB, going ok, I jump into a ground attack plane, AD-2 with Tiny Tims.          End result, dead mad wehraboo!

Best aircraft kill yet, brought to you by @RobotMinisterofTrueKorea   MiG-15 taken out with artillery strike.  

tl;dr the T20 is just an M18 that loses a bit of the excess mobility and HVAP in exchange for usable armor and a stabilizer.


M18 is a bit more mobile and gets HVAP, but otherwise I find the T20 to just be better.  Even then, the T20 is still a hair more mobile than a T-34 and also reverses at 18 km/h (vs the 23 km/h of the Hellcat), so it's not too bad either.  I've not died enough in the T20 to give you a good answer, but I suspect getting penned in this would not be so fun, seeing as the ammo layout is kinda shit.


The T20 in exchange gets real armor, stuff you can actually use.  The complete absence of armor on the M18 can really limit your options at times, both with the open turret and inability to bounce anything.  The hull armor on the thing is pretty reliable against lower tier vehicles, but when used properly can bounce scarier things.  Unlike the Shermans, it's enough armor that I feel comfortable playing more aggresively or baiting shots.  The T20 also holds nearly twice as much ammo too if that matters for you.  Another huge advantage is that the T20 has stabilizers, nullifying what I find to be one of the Hellcat's main weaknesses (how much the gun sways during movement and stopping).  The combination of armor, reverse speed, and stabilizers make this thing near unstoppable as a ridge sniper.


Username there is the same as here and WoT


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1 hour ago, ApplesauceBandit said:

Test server has updated again it looks like.  The only "buffs" to light tanks are the ammo capacity nerds aren't as bad now.  Light tanks apparently don't need more view range than mediums or heavies.


It's not like that's the whole point of their existence or anything.

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We are the guinea pig so that if the community feedback is terrible, they can pull the plug on it before it hits the RU server.


I did notice something over the weekend, WoT server population has taken a nose dive in recent month. 23k online for WoT while WT had 36k online at the same time.

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Being a West Coast server guy, the numbers seem to be around 3,000 to 4,000 most of the time.


And it is frustrating. Particularly since the low population numbers mean that I can never really play my low Tier 2 and Tier 3 "seal clubber" tanks because it involves a 4-5 minute wait before MM takes a dump and puts 7 apiece in Mittengard or whatever that idiotic hole is. called.


It is further frustrating because this means West Coast games are decided almost entirely now days based on a coin flip of who got stuck with the most South/Central American 43 percent winrate tomatoes playing with a 300 ping rate or who has failed to Tier 8-10 versus whichever other side got lucky with the coin flip where there's a 3-man power purple platoon.


Tough to solo pub with such low population numbers.


Yeah, I know I should just play East Coast server but...

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The tier 10 german LT vs the Leopard 1 is just sad.  The leopard 1 was already considered one of the worst tier 10 meds apparently, but the light is still worse in all ways but acceleration and 10m view range.  At least it has more view range than mediums, unlike most other tier 10 lights.  Most high tier lights look bad, but the mid tier ones seem better balanced.  


They're not as good of scouts as I feel they should be (tier 7 soviet LT has 360m view range), but they have better gun handling than comparable meds.  The difference is really apparent at tier 5 and 6, even before you mount vert stabs.  Obviously, still have shit for armor and HP, as well as worse hard stats on the gun.  At tier 8 is where the gun handling difference seems to be less extreme and they instead get better acceleration.  Still not sure how to feel about all of this.

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