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The Problem With Electronic Voting


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He kind of misses how traditional ballots can be (and likely have been) manipulated, where the resultant fraudulent election favoring those already in power.


Difficult to illustrate or take action against such fraud when nobody investigates the investigators, or polices the police. Even if substantial evidence of some conspiracy crops up, the media as a whole is unlikely to report on it unless that serves their immediate purposes while not jeopardizing their future income potential.


All electronic voting does is make fraud easier to accomplish.  Best to think of it as a cost-cutting measure.


To me, the U.S. on a national level has already long passed the point where "People do not need to know who got the most votes, they just need to know that an election occurred".

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I spent a good portion of time working on the 2004 Gubernatorial recount in Washington state. When I get back I can share some old war stories. In short, vote by mail is terrible and we should go to electronic ballot machines where you vote in person after showing your voter registration or proper ID.

Also the hysteria over this subject only reallymatters in close elections. Like real close elections.

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