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      I think we need to look at what was shown at E3 and decide what to hate, what we should like, and what is boring. Prepare for many videos, a lot of which are done in Orange-Blue colors, because games are like movies, only with "Press X to continue watching this game".



"Worth some attention" category:

1. Horizon Zero Down.

Robodinosaurs with missiles? Yes, please. It looks somewhat fresh, but i am interested in actual gameplay. Will follow development of this game.



2. Rainbow Six: Siege.

Bullpup PKP Pecheneg and bullpup SVD (SVU) in that trailer, BTW.

Videos shows Terrorist Hunt gamemode.

So, FPS that don't try to be just another CoD or CS? This is already worth some attention. 


3. South Park: The Fractured butt hole but Whole.

Why? Because stupid and toilet humor. Sometimes you need it. And first game was pretty Ok/good. 


4. Mirror's Edge Catalyst 


First Mirror's Edge was interesting - a 3D first person platformer/running game with good music and ~unique art design. It was fast, fun and fresh.

Story in Catalyst is stupid (at least from trailer it looks like stupid cliche), but gameplay can be as good or better than in first one.


5. Hitman. Yes, Hitman.

I played Absolution and it was somewhere between "mediocre" and "good". If this one will be improved (bigger maps, more things to do with target and better plot/atmosphere), this game have a potential to be very engaging time sink.


6. XCOM 2.


7. Just Cause 3.

Because shooting 4 barrel rocket launcher while being attached upside down to a helicopter belly is what games are for :D .


8. Cuphead.


9. Shadow Warrior 2. 

This FPS is a blend of Dying light and old action PC games.

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More known titles, which are expected to be worth your money and time.


1. DooM4 aka 50 shades of brown.







2. Fallout 4. 


3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Even if story have X-men-like premise, i still have some expectation from gameplay and plot.






4. Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain.



5. Star Wars Battlefront 2. Game that is relevant for Star Wars funs and partially to others. I see this game as Battlefield 4 with Star Wars-theme 3D models and few twiks.


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"Boring or just bad" category. I will not collect all bad games, only with big/known names or people just heard about it like "Hatred" and similar.


1. Star Wars Battlefront. Because Star Wars. It is boring. Yes, it is. :trollface:


2. Ghost Recon, aka Spezual farces simulator, aka open carry activist simulator (from 4:35), aka prepper simulator.


Basically it is Open world tactikewl Special forces game. It sounds as boring as it can be, Ghost recon lost last bits of it's identity. Video reminds me old Delta Force shooters, with better graphics and some minor improvement in gameplay.


3. The Division.


     According to Fat Tony (a known Russian game journalist, who played it lately) this is Ubisoft's Destiny. Blend of 3rd person shooter and MMO, this is boring game where bullets have levels and human bodies can't be hurt if they are level 80 elves. All enemies are bullet sponges (like in Destiny!) and there is almost nothing else besides stupid Korean-MMO-like shooting and grinding (just like in Destiny!). Which means that you could replace guns with magic sticks and action on screen would make as much sense as it did with firearms. 

     It is a game with 2 colors - orange and blue.


4. Call of Whatever: Black something №3425, aka Call of Titanfall: The CyberMagic Room, aka Crysis of Duty: We stole some ideas from Bioshock, aka "Orange everywhere with bits of blue" shooting game.


This is gaming industry equivalent of Transformers - something is happeneing on screen, but i have no idea what, why and where.


As i said in NA WoT forum, i have no problem with game using other game mechanics and i like robots, sci-fi tech, futuristic ideas/creativity. So this CoD should have been interesting for me - it have robots, sci-fi and stuff, but this FPS is stupid, noise generating, headache inducing orange and blue-ish mess.

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I'm personally excited for Catalyst (hype free roam), though I'm a bit miffed that they've allegedly removed gun play entirely. The skyline looks like so much fun to explore. Maybe they'll add a walk button so you don't look like an idiot in crowded areas.

I've also been following Battlefront DICE. It looks fun, but it doesn't have the same over the top crazy stuff that Battlefront used to have (on rails AT-AT is like a bad insult). Still, I'm a sucker for pretty graphics and damn, does DICE deliver on that front.

As for Siege, I'm interested, but it seems like they're trying their hardest to totally ruin the franchise name (hit markers and legal wall hacks to seize the "tactical advantage").

Just Cause 3 is going to be explosive. Spam that grappling hook; physics be dammed.

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     I would be glad if they removed ability to use weapons for main heroine in new Mirror's edge. This what game was intended to be, shooting was added because publisher was afraid that players will not buy it (too different). Mirror's edge is great when you run, not when you walk and pretend to be worse CoD/BF FPS.


     Rainbow six was already totaly ruined by Vegas 1 and 2 games.

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     I would be glad if they removed ability to use weapons for main heroine in new Mirror's edge. This what game was intended to be, shooting was added because publisher was afraid that players will not buy it (too different). Mirror's edge is great when you run, not when you walk and pretend to be worse CoD/BF FPS.


     Rainbow six was already totaly ruined by Vegas 1 and 2 games.

It's not that gun play was necessary, but it's an optional feature that was a part of the previous iteration and taking it out seems rather odd (though they've probably rebuilt the engine so it's likely a matter of "we didn't add it in" rather than "we took it out"). The bigger thing is from what I can tell, we've just got something that sounds like invincibility frames (or purposely gimped hostile AI) that makes dropkicking off walls and other crazy stuff possible (I'd complain, but it's not like most of the jumps you do are actually possible in real life XD). What's more, their explanation of it is that Faith is against lethal force which sounds kind of funny when I launch someone out of a 30th floor story window.


Vegas 1 and 2 weren't that bad. I just hope they increase recoil and remove hitmakers (heartbeat sensor is simply ridiculous and removing it shouldn't even be a question).

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This is the first E3 in a long time where I actually care about a lot of the announcements. It seems like the AAA industry is finally becoming a little more comfortable in experimenting with some ideas these days.


Stuff I'm hyped on:


Phantom Pain: It took me so ridiculously long to get into the MGS series, but I'm hooked as a trout by now. Once I learned to appreciate them, I've become a bit of a fanboy


Fallout 4: I tentatively like what they're doing. Voiced protagonist can be good as long as they give a damn about voice acting. I especially like how they advertised about doing their crafting system. Trying not to set my hopes too high, though.


Shenmue 3 and FF7 re-make: Nostalgia bomb. I'm cautiously optimistic as 1) Yu Suzuki may have had S3 designed for over a decade, which could be good and bad and 2) The Extended Universe of FF7 has really shit all over their characters (especially Cloud), so I'm worried about their character portrayals in this.


Uncharted 4: This may be the catalyst in me getting a PS4. I know these games have their problems, but I have more memories of Uncharted 2 and 3 separately than a lot of other games I enjoy combined.


Interested, but not hyped:


Rainbow Six, The Divison, and Ghost Recon: I lumped them together because I play a lot of co-op with a dedicated group of friends (800 hours of Payday 2, and I still play it regularly with them), and if these can deliver on what they're advertising, it looks like they can be what I'm into. Ubi got enough of a genuine scare last year that I think they're worried about releasing anything genuinely bad. I'm mostly curious about how many of the original World in Conflict devs are still working on The Division. I'm also glad it looks like they're getting away from stupid cheaty Future Warrior crap with Ghost Recon, as well.


Just Cause 3: Yeah, I loved 2, but I played it to death. If this is a good game, I'll probably buy it on sale as a fun sandbox time-killer. If it tries something genuinely  new and interesting compared to 2, I'll pick it up earlier.


That cool-looking caveman dino hunter game: Looks neat, gonna keep my eye out.


Last Guardian: Someone said a while back that if this had been released within a decent time frame of its announcement, it would have had a fantastic impact, and I sort of agree. Now that a lot of the mold has been broken, I'm wondering how much we'll care after other moody indie games at its lunch. That, and a lot of the dramatic moments look like they're only gonna come after a lot of trial-and-error deaths because you didn't know you were supposed to try an impossible jump towards Bird Dog. Still looks good, but not as hyped as I was years back.

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I thought Halo looked neat


The multiplayer looked nice, and English speaking grunts gave me a pretty sizable X-rection


To be fair, the demo itself looked pretty sterile, it was very scripted and easy. It kinda reminded me of a call of duty demo


there is a bunch of walking around with doing any shooting, some type of set-piece happens, you run off a collapsing road and then you complete a very quick and uninteresting firefight with overpowered weapons


I just don't get why these people just cant seem to make an interesting Halo campaign


Halo: reach was okay but pretty much lesser in every way compared to say 3 or 2.


Halo 4 was just boring. The forunners look like plastic figurines straight out of a square enix game and their weapons shoot tampons, dosent help that they are just re-skins of both human and covenant weapons in function. 


Halo also got a health dose of what i like to call the Metro (2033, or hell even that infamous Battlefield 3 map is very worthy of this title) effect


When a game as impressive visuals especially considering the hardware/date it came out, and utilizes this impressive ability to create an interesting and immersive experience by forcing you down a series of corridors, each more boring than the last, for 80% of the game


Sure, the multiplayer is the only reason a 51 year old man is allowed to talk about this game due to the popularity its online skirmishes have warranted, but the formula remains vastly unchanged over the games


maybe damaged models are changed, abilities might be added etc, but the majority of that only really effects the manchildren that spend hours of their lives compaling about it on the internet (says the 51 year old man who is only here as a result of spending hours complaining about German tank myths on the internet) 


But the singleplayer really determines the taste of a game, the endless skirmishes online will eventually blend together in my old rotting brain, im not gonna remember T-bag number 3486 being in Halo 3 or Halo 4, but i am gonna remember this one time in the lull of a singleplayer battle a Grunt tried to lure me out by saying "Its safe to come out, This is Sargent Smithson...jon...son"

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