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Preferred jelly flavor for PB&J

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I am well out of my league here - we generally mock the idea of 'jelly' as its own thing.

For peanut butter; the favourite local variety is called black cat and (if served with anything) is paired with golden syrup. Preferably on fresh white bakery bread.

For myself; I'm fond of butter and honey on fresh home-made bread.

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My sister does that. 


It actually took me a bit to start liking peanut butter. We didn't have it when I was small in Ukraine. They didn't have it when we moved to Ireland either. I think I was probably 7 or 8 before I actually tried it. 

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Step 1:


Replace the bread with waffles


Step 2:


Replace the Peanut butter with turkey


Step 3 = Replace the jam with American cheese, cream cheese as a mayo substitude


Step four- Toast wallfes, grill meat and cheese until cheese melts


Step 5ve-> combine, insert in face, and write last will and testament 

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