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Russian Air Force Issues


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Curious as to see the take of people on the forum about this, especially our Russian friends.


Is the tempo of operations that Russia is doing taking a toll on the older aircraft?

Considering the US is having financial issues keeping the A-10 flying, and the Air Force wants to cut them to spend the $ on F-35s, and Russia is being hit pretty hard by sanctions in regards to the ongoing issues with Ukraine, are their financial resources strained with the current operational pace?



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There are some issues with spares for older Soviet designs being manufactured outside of Russia.  Main SU-25 plant was in Georgia, and some components of SU-30/35/whatever superflanker were made in Ukraine.  Projects to provide domestic replacement parts are ongoing.



Sanctions are not a problem, planes age and lack of maintenance in 1990s/2000s is.


Both of these sum it up 

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