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Ukrainian armor - Oplot-M, T-64M Bulat and other.

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15 hours ago, heretic88 said:

Somewhat surprising from Hlopotov, he defends the T-64. And actually, he is right! This "T-64B3" upgrade is indeed better than the T-72B3.




Is he though? One of the key points for saying it is better is that the new T-64 update mounts Nozh instead of the old Kontakt-5 applied to the B3s, but Nozh doesn't work as advertised. I thought the general consensus of evidence is that K-5 is better than Nozh given its multitude of issues?

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Proper, god-fearing Soviet tanks use four-stroke diesel engines.  When the tank is cruising, the engine should be happy and produce very little smoke.  But when the engine is suddenly changing RPM, th

BM "Oplot"     Ukrainian designers managed to make biggest panoramic sight i ever saw - overall weight of it is reaching 500 kg.            Oplot-M, or BM "Oplot" after addoption to service i

Does this count?  

On 2/16/2019 at 1:43 AM, SH_MM said:

Nozh works as advertised, just the claimed efficiency is way too high.


I was referring to that thread, and from the evidence in there the performance seems dismal enough to say it's not working as advertised and certainly no improvement over Kontakt 5 outside of a few hypothetical edge cases.

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"We are starting to upgrade the T-80UD tanks to the level of Oplot BM"

There are only a few dozen of these T-80UD on the territory of Ukraine and a certain number of experimental machines in different configurations.


   That one was bought in 1999.



Well,  the idea is interesting. T-80UD can be upgraded to the level of an Object 478DU9 (so-called T-84) and 478DU9-1 (BM "Oplot") without problems. But the only problem is that there is a scant amount of such tanks.




“We are starting to modernize the T-80UD tanks to the T-84 level,” said Alexander Stolyarchuk.


“... Three-year order from us. It is already open to us. We have already begun work. There are already the first samples that came to our factory. We are already starting to detect them, and we will continue to increase these efforts. ”


The number of tanks that are subject to such modernization has not yet been disclosed (the ICTV channel reported on “a dozen Panzerniki (tanks)”)


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   Ukrainian state defense order in terms of armored vehicles and cars in 2018 wasn't reached.

The number of armored vehicles purchased: 94 (plan - 199)

The number of purchased automobiles and vehicles for various functional purposes: 676 (plan - 974)

The number of upgraded armored vehicles with repair: 7 (plan 16)

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   Steel was supplied to factories, which was used for the BTR-3E, BTR-4, Dozor-B. But it turned out that they supplied something wrong, does not meet the requirements, not armor-grade.
   Delivered as usual according to schemes through fictitious firms.


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  • 2 weeks later...

   Comintern District Court in Kharkiv imposed a fine of 3.4 thousand hryvnias on the former deputy chief designer of the Kharkiv Engineering Design Bureau for the illegal provision of military services to the plant in the PRC.


   As noted in the court records, during February-March 2018, the former designer of the Kharkov Bureau for one thousand dollars a month advised the workers of Machine-Building Plant No. 1 in the Chinese city of Bau-Tou.

   In particular, the consultations concerned the installation of reactive and anti-mine protection on lightly armored military vehicles, as well as armored and active protection on armored military equipment.



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   It became known about the new scandal around the state enterprise "KMDB" named after A. A. Morozov, where salary payments have stopped since January

  /.../The designers have not been paid for 2 months, many have no money just to get to work. Going on vacation. This is all happening against the background of the frantic propaganda of military achievements and the development of a postmaidan government.

From Andrey's blog.



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   Object 488 - heavy IFV/tank with dismounts. Kharkovites attempt to make Memerkava. Model:







   Front engine, ~55 tons, 6 dismounts, crew of 3, supposedly 30 rounds in turret and 10 more in hull for the main gun.

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5 hours ago, LoooSeR said:

     Front engine, ~55 tons, 6 dismounts, crew of 3, supposedly 30 rounds in turret and 10 more in hull for the main gun.


If they are using an unchanged T-80UD/T-84 turret, where are the dismounts seated? The turret basket is going to take up most of the space in there, and it seems to be too wide relative to the hull to allow BMP-3 type seating *around* the turret basket. Poor guys in there have to be basically vacuum sealed...

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It has 5 feet 2 inches long compartment at the back

although its kinda cramped (well, entire vehicle is) with internal height from floor to ceiling of like 3 feet 11, and some 19.5 inches of width per dismount.

- imagine Merkava tank but with carousel autoloader, and with ammunition permanently removed from its storage area in the back:
in order to fit dismounts -
Merkava is capable of that, but only temporarily:

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25 minutes ago, skylancer-3441 said:

although its kinda cramped (well, entire vehicle is) with internal height from floor to ceiling of like 3 feet 11, and some 19.5 inches of width per dismount.


I understand that, it's made clear in the article - but at 3'11" you're gonna have to be crouching - and I don't think that 19.5" per dismount is enough width to actually fit guys in - that's similar in size to notoriously cramped economy class airline seats, which aren't going to fit an infantryman, crouching, in combat gear.

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    • By Monochromelody
      The Al Khalid derived from Norinco Type 90IIM MBT. It was in the early 90s, when India started to test their Arjun MBT. Pakistanis looked for a MBT design that could be produced by herself. 
      Norinco provided their own Type 90IIM prototype, this is an MBT design which comprised many Western components, such as engine and transmission. 

      There were 4 prototypes for Al-Khalid development, namely P1, P2, P3 and P4. 
      P1 has a Chinese tank diesel engine with ZF LSG3000 transmission. 
      P2 has a British Perkins CV12 Condor diesel engine with French SESM ESM500 transmission. 
      P3 has a Ukrainian KMDB 6TD-2 2-cycle boxer engine with its own twin planetary gearbox. 
      P4 has a German MB871 engine with ZF LSG3000 transmission, similar to South Korean K1 MBT. 

      Norinco and Pakistanis planned to adopt one of the Western powerpack at first, but due to CoCom (Coordinating Committee for Export to Communist Countries) restrictions, China is under embargo, which means China would not import weapons form Western countries. Obviously P3 powerplant would be the only choice. All those descriptions on the internet about ESM500 in Al-Khalid is fatally wrong. 
      The Al-Khalid pre-production batch and production version all equipped with Ukrainian KMDB 6TD-2 powerpack.
      It is an extremely compact design, the engine laid transversely in engine room, twin planetary gearboxes connect to both left and right end. The 6TD-2 has two crankshafts: the front one drives the mechanical supercharger, while the rear one drives the gearboxes. The cooling system covering the whole engine room, the engine itself has no mechanical connection to the cooling system, and the cooling system doesn't need mechanical drive. The cooling system based on a unique principle: exhaust gas driven ejector. The exhaust gas from the engine is injected through the outlet ducting, produce a low pressure in the outlet side, that will suck in cold air from the inlet side. This principle is also used in the T-64, T-80UD and T-84, but as far as I know, Swedish Ikv 91 is the only western tank that have similar cooling principle. 
      As a result, the total length of powerpack is significantly shortened, much more shorter than the European powerpack mentioned above. This leads to a spare storage room between the fighting compartment and the engine compartment. This storage is for extra ammunition and fuel, when turret points 3 or 9 o'clock, the top cover of the storage could be opened from outside, containing 10 rounds for main gun, with projectiles on the outsides, semi-combustible charges on the inside.
      The data table from HIT also describe the ammunition capacity as 39+10, means that 22 ready rounds in the T-72 type carousel autoloader, 17 backup rounds scatter around the fighting compartment, and extra 10 rounds could be carried in the storage room. 
      The driver of Al-Khalid control the vehicle via steering wheel and an automatic gear control box. The steering wheel and gear control box send electrical signals to the computer, then computer control the hydraulic servo actuator to perform engage and disengage of brakes and clutches, making steering and gear changes, as well as adjusting the speed and torque of the engine.
      Mechanically the gearboxes are nearly the same as T-64s and T-72s, but have different side reducer unit. The KMDB side reducer unit is designed as a secondary gearbox, acting like a forward-reverse selector. When both reducers were put into reverse, the vehicle can reverse using the normal forward ranges. From 1st gear to 4th gear, all could be used as high speed reverse, and that's why KMDB said this is a 7F4R gearbox system. And if only one reducer was put into reverse, the track will be driving in opposites direction, causing the vehicle turns within its tracks, a.k.a. pivot steer or center steer. T-84 also applied this driving and steering system.  
      The advantages of Al-Khalid's powerpack is the versatility: all 3 types of MBT in the Pakistanis arsenal, T-80UD, T-84, Al-Khalid, share the same engine and gearbox. 
    • By LoooSeR
      Hello, my friends and Kharkovites, take a sit and be ready for your brains to start to work - we are going to tell you a terrible secret of how to tell apart Soviet tanks that actually works like GLORIOUS T-80 and The Mighty T-72 from Kharkovites attempt to make a tank - the T-64. Many of capitalists Westerners have hard time understanding what tank is in front of them, even when they know smart words like "Kontakt-5" ERA. Ignoramus westerners!
         Because you are all were raised in several hundreds years old capitalism system all of you are blind consumer dummies, that need big noisy labels and shiny colorful things to be attached to product X to be sold to your ignorant heads and wallets, thats why we will need to start with basics. BASICS, DA? First - how to identify to which tank "family" particular MBT belongs to - to T-64 tree, or T-72 line, or Superior T-80 development project, vehicles that don't have big APPLE logo on them for you to understand what is in front of you. And how you can do it in your home without access to your local commie tank nerd? 
         Easy! Use this Putin approved guide "How to tell appart different families of Soviet and Russian tanks from each other using simple and easy to spot external features in 4 steps: a guide for ignorant western journalists and chairborn generals to not suck in their in-depth discussions on the Internet".
      Chapter 1: Where to look, what to see.
      T-64 - The Ugly Kharkovite tank that doesn't work 
         We will begin with T-64, a Kharkovite attempt to make a tank, which was so successful that Ural started to work on their replacement for T-64 known as T-72. Forget about different models of T-64, let's see what is similar between all of them.

      T-72 - the Mighty weapon of Workers and Peasants to smash westerners
         Unlike tank look-alike, made by Kharkovites mad mans, T-72 is true combat tank to fight with forces of evil like radical moderate barbarians and westerners. Thats why we need to learn how identify it from T-64 and you should remember it's frightening lines!

      The GLORIOUS T-80 - a Weapon to Destroy and Conquer bourgeois countries and shatter westerners army
         And now we are looking at the Pride of Party and Soviet army, a true tank to spearhead attacks on decadent westerners, a tank that will destroy countries by sucking their military budgets and dispersing their armies in vortex of air, left from high-speed charge by the GLORIOUS T-80!

      The T-80 shooting down jets by hitting them behind the horizont 
    • By delfosisyu
      Hey guys. This is my first post in this forum.
      I want to find out sources for 2 information.
      Firstly, a friend of mine told me about the accuracy of T-80B tested in 1980s.
      T-80B      1000m   1500m     2000m
                      87%       66%       46%
      I asked him where he found this data. But he told me he forgot where he did find this since too much time passed from that moment.
      The Second one is about Russian ballistic computer's range-finding rate.
      One day, one of my friends who speaks russian quite well showed me a product info. of russian(maybe ukrainian) gunner's primary sight.
      It was written that range-finding rate of the sight after laser fired-off 0.3~3.0 seconds. 
      I totally forgot the address of that product brochure.
      I'd be very appreciated if you help me finding links of these information.
    • By Walter_Sobchak
      I realized that we don't actually have a thread about the British Chieftain tank.  
      I posted a bunch of Chieftain related stuff on my site today for anyone who is interested.  The items include:
      Magazine Articles
      1970 article from ARMOR
      1970 article from IDR  - Chieftain-Main Battle tank for the 1970s
      1976 article from IDR - The Combat-Improved Chieftain – First Impressions
      1976 article from IDR - Improved Chieftain for Iran
      Government reports
      WO 194-495 Assessment of Weapon System in Chieftain
      WO 341-108 Automotive Branch Report on Chieftain Modifications
      DEFE 15-1183 – L11 Brochure 
      WO 194-463 – Demonstration of Chieftain Gun 
      WO 194-1323 – Feasibility study on Burlington Chieftain

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