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Magach based Spike launcher officially unveiled

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The Magach based Spike launcher, the Pereh or Wild has been officially revealed. Thanks to "Camera" at the Mess for the heads up. The vehicle has been in service for 30 years!

Links currently available in Hebrew only. 










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Yes LoooSer it uses the Tamuz. A non line of sight Spike. Fibre optic spool with either fire and forget or man in the loop options


Spike NLOS? Are Tamuz and Spike NLOS same missile or they are different missiles that do similar job? If my memory serves right, Spike is Rafael and Tamuz is Elbit-produced guided missiles.

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Spike NLOS? Are Tamuz and Spike NLOS same missile or they are different missiles that do similar job? If my memory serves right, Spike is Rafael and Tamuz is Elbit-produced guided missiles.

Nope. Tamuz and Spike are the same missile produced by Rafael. Tamuz is the IDF designation, Spike the manufacturers for world wide sales. The first designation by the manufacturer was Gill, but that name was dropped years ago.

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Does Elbit produce any ground-based missiles? I remember that i was told that they are making such things.


To the best of my knowledge, Elbit now focuses on anti-missile counter measures. Rafael produces most of the ATGMs that the Israelis build. IAI did produce Nimrod, a very long range ATGM, but I don't know the status of that programme. This is not to say that Elbit doesn't produce missiles, but if so, the programmes are still classified.



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If I didn't know any better, I'd say those are M48 hulls, not M60 hulls given the way the ERA curves like that on the glascis.


EDIT: Not that they tend to distinguish between the M48 and M60 in referrign to them as the Magach, just thought it was interesting.

yep, looks like an M48 hull to me too.  I guess that makes sense.  If these really do date back thirty years, it would make more sense to use M48 hulls since the M60 was still a front line tank at that point.  The Israelis sure to like to recycle their AFVs in creative ways.  

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yep, looks like an M48 hull to me too.  I guess that makes sense.  If these really do date back thirty years, it would make more sense to use M48 hulls since the M60 was still a front line tank at that point.  The Israelis sure to like to recycle their AFVs in creative ways.  


Yeah, my friend the former Merkava III commander mentioned they were M48 hulls. As you say, the M60 iterations of the Magach would still have been frontline tanks at that point so it does make a lot of sense. Although it gets confusing when talking about the Magach, because the IDF doesn't really distinguish between various marks of the Magach when talking about them, they're all pretty much just called Magach.

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The intent of the Pereh was to engage and destroy formations of enemy armour approaching the border with a specific emphasis on the Golan. The airforce in 1973 had not been able to interdict columns of enemy tanks, prior to their arrival on the battlefield. Dense enemy air defences  made such missions too costly. Ripple fire of Tamuz from Peleh batteries was intended to restore the ability to reach out and destroy, with precision, at a distance.

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