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Torpedoes appreciation watch


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   It is planned to create a Indian-German joint venture for the production of torpedoes


  The head of the Indian branch of the German company Atlas Elektronik, which specializes in the development and production of torpedoes and electronic equipment for underwater manned and unmanned vehicles, Khalil Rahman recently said that his company is in talks with Indian billionaire Anil Ambani to jointly develop India heavy (533-mm) torpedo similar to SeaHawk, to equip the Indian submarines of western projects (Project 209 and Scorpene). This was reported by the French newsletter "TTU".  

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   MoD published a tender for utilization of 3M10 strategic cruise missiles of the 3K10 "Granat" complex. 




   Missiles of 3K10 Granat system were launched through the 533-mm torpedo launchers of the submarines, main targets - destruction of administrative and industrial centers of the enemy with known coordinates.

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A few year old, but i just found it and thought the launching method was fascinating:

The video shows a RPK-6M Vodopad anti-submarine missile being launched from the torpedo tubes of the cruiser Pyotr Velikiy

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