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I think this falls under just because you can do it,doesn't mean you should post it on YouTube.


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Good way to get more strict anti-drone/RC aircraft laws passed.

Probably already in violation of numerous FAA regs.

Last I checked there were no FAA regs regarding armed civil aircraft.  There were some regarding dropping things from aircraft, mainly summed up with "make sure they don;t damage property or hurt someone, and that reasonable care was taken to ensure this".


That aside, it's pretty dumb, but it's not like the feds were not already looking for reasons to restrict/ban civvy owned RC aircraft and drones.

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Pretty sure the ATF would take issue with it.  It's a solenoid-fired semi-auto.

Probably, and this is where it's creator should worry.

The FAA has fairly small teeth when dealing with things outside it's jurisdiction, while the ATF has more of a "shoot first and fabricate evidence later" attitude.

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