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Ukrainian Civil War Thread: All Quiet on the Sturgeon Front

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There are still golf courses left in Ukraine to steal carts from?

Remember, he is renting it for 200 times less than the market price for 49 years for the purpose of "building and maintaining waterfront objects".

Raz Putin, Dva Putin! Ha! Ha!

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  The example of the UAF at the Combined Resolve X exercises, NATO units demonstrated their unability to conduct battles against an organized enemy instead of the usual "Papuans".

   Mostly the Americans got smacked...

   One time the Abrams were beaten without losses, then [UAF] went behind the line and hit from the rear (as a result, the combined group "destroyed" more than 10 enemy vehicles, including 4 Abrams tanks, 4 Bradley IFVs, 2 Apache helicopters and several HMMVs, and up to 20 fighters. The "losses" of UAF side 1 APC, 2 tanks and 13 soldiers).

  Than the organizers decided to replay one of the episodes ("resurrecting" all the dead, and in that unsuccessful attack by a mechanized company of the United States, 4 Bradley were destroyed, up to 80% of the manpower were killed) ... and attacking UAF on a new one.


   The flank attack, although not so catastrophic in terms of losses as previous (2 Bradley), but it did not bring success nevertheless. BLUEFOR (a consolidated group of representatives of various countries, opponents of the group which includes fighters of the UAF) were forced to retreat.

   A logical question arises: what NATO instructors can teach the UAF?


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15 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

So, practicing my 'Pancake-Turreted, Tracked-Box' ID:


T-72Bs followed by T-64BVs?


Not much for the OSCE to get excited about there.....Where are all the T-90s?  :P

Yes, those are T-72B obr 1985 and T-64BVs with Kontakt-1.


T-90s are back home, "northerners" took them back.










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#US flags were spotted on the front line in #DPR . #Donetsk





So Johns are getting into this? :D 

Can we do like Isreal does with Syria - claim US as Satan and bomb them time to time and everywhere bomb hit UAF claim to be Ira Trump's aggressors?


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I guess this should go here, as it relates to Ukraine, but Ukrainian Navy dolphins were starved after Russian annexation... I don't know what to think about this. 


tl;dr, the Dolphins were trained by the Ukraine Navy for mine detection and personnel recovery (in case someone fell overboard). Apparently, they refused to be feed by the Russian handlers, and starved... I guess even the dolphins in Ukraine have a Russian hate boner? 


On a side note: why would you use a dolphin for mine recon when there's sonar and USV's? 

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16 minutes ago, Lord_James said:

I guess this should go here, as it relates to Ukraine, but Ukrainian Navy dolphins were starved after Russian annexation... I don't know what to think about this. 


tl;dr, the Dolphins were trained by the Ukraine Navy for mine detection and personnel recovery (in case someone fell overboard). Apparently, they refused to be feed by the Russian handlers, and starved... I guess even the dolphins in Ukraine have a Russian hate boner? 


On a side note: why would you use a dolphin for mine recon when there's sonar and USV's? 

Why you post news from dumpsters here?

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1 hour ago, LoooSeR said:

Why you post news from dumpsters here?


I suppose I should have elaborated: 


1. In the article, it referenced there was Russian and Ukrainian news on this as well, citing “Obozrevatel” as a source. I can’t read it, so I was wondering what it says about this (on phone, so no google translate). 


2. I’m wondering why the hell this is in American news, other than a “let’s hate Russia for [insert anything]” type of article. 


3. I didn’t know (nor would have ever though) that anyone would use dolphins for military purposes (dare I say, porpoises :D). I knew the providers were garbage, but when I read the title, my brain said “WUT?” so hard I couldn’t stop myself from clicking. 


I guess my main concern was “why are the Ukrainians using dolphins?” as it doesn’t make sense to me. Should have made that clearer, rather than as a side note. 

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On 5/17/2018 at 10:00 AM, Lord_James said:

3. I didn’t know (nor would have ever though) that anyone would use dolphins for military purposes (dare I say, porpoises :D). I knew the providers were garbage, but when I read the title, my brain said “WUT?” so hard I couldn’t stop myself from clicking. 



The US Navy has a Marine mammal program too that seems to do pretty similar things to what they were doing there. (I say seems because the information is pretty tightly controlled and there isn't much to go on)


My thinking is that they obviously must have some pretty substantial advantages to be worth the cost and etc.


One of the things I've heard is that they may be used against enemy combat swimmers.

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Dutch MH17 investigation officially blames Russians for the shoot-down:



On a related note, Bellingcat identified a possible commander of the operation as a Russian GRU officer:


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    • By Monochromelody
      The Al Khalid derived from Norinco Type 90IIM MBT. It was in the early 90s, when India started to test their Arjun MBT. Pakistanis looked for a MBT design that could be produced by herself. 
      Norinco provided their own Type 90IIM prototype, this is an MBT design which comprised many Western components, such as engine and transmission. 

      There were 4 prototypes for Al-Khalid development, namely P1, P2, P3 and P4. 
      P1 has a Chinese tank diesel engine with ZF LSG3000 transmission. 
      P2 has a British Perkins CV12 Condor diesel engine with French SESM ESM500 transmission. 
      P3 has a Ukrainian KMDB 6TD-2 2-cycle boxer engine with its own twin planetary gearbox. 
      P4 has a German MB871 engine with ZF LSG3000 transmission, similar to South Korean K1 MBT. 

      Norinco and Pakistanis planned to adopt one of the Western powerpack at first, but due to CoCom (Coordinating Committee for Export to Communist Countries) restrictions, China is under embargo, which means China would not import weapons form Western countries. Obviously P3 powerplant would be the only choice. All those descriptions on the internet about ESM500 in Al-Khalid is fatally wrong. 
      The Al-Khalid pre-production batch and production version all equipped with Ukrainian KMDB 6TD-2 powerpack.
      It is an extremely compact design, the engine laid transversely in engine room, twin planetary gearboxes connect to both left and right end. The 6TD-2 has two crankshafts: the front one drives the mechanical supercharger, while the rear one drives the gearboxes. The cooling system covering the whole engine room, the engine itself has no mechanical connection to the cooling system, and the cooling system doesn't need mechanical drive. The cooling system based on a unique principle: exhaust gas driven ejector. The exhaust gas from the engine is injected through the outlet ducting, produce a low pressure in the outlet side, that will suck in cold air from the inlet side. This principle is also used in the T-64, T-80UD and T-84, but as far as I know, Swedish Ikv 91 is the only western tank that have similar cooling principle. 
      As a result, the total length of powerpack is significantly shortened, much more shorter than the European powerpack mentioned above. This leads to a spare storage room between the fighting compartment and the engine compartment. This storage is for extra ammunition and fuel, when turret points 3 or 9 o'clock, the top cover of the storage could be opened from outside, containing 10 rounds for main gun, with projectiles on the outsides, semi-combustible charges on the inside.
      The data table from HIT also describe the ammunition capacity as 39+10, means that 22 ready rounds in the T-72 type carousel autoloader, 17 backup rounds scatter around the fighting compartment, and extra 10 rounds could be carried in the storage room. 
      The driver of Al-Khalid control the vehicle via steering wheel and an automatic gear control box. The steering wheel and gear control box send electrical signals to the computer, then computer control the hydraulic servo actuator to perform engage and disengage of brakes and clutches, making steering and gear changes, as well as adjusting the speed and torque of the engine.
      Mechanically the gearboxes are nearly the same as T-64s and T-72s, but have different side reducer unit. The KMDB side reducer unit is designed as a secondary gearbox, acting like a forward-reverse selector. When both reducers were put into reverse, the vehicle can reverse using the normal forward ranges. From 1st gear to 4th gear, all could be used as high speed reverse, and that's why KMDB said this is a 7F4R gearbox system. And if only one reducer was put into reverse, the track will be driving in opposites direction, causing the vehicle turns within its tracks, a.k.a. pivot steer or center steer. T-84 also applied this driving and steering system.  
      The advantages of Al-Khalid's powerpack is the versatility: all 3 types of MBT in the Pakistanis arsenal, T-80UD, T-84, Al-Khalid, share the same engine and gearbox. 
    • By LoooSeR
      BM "Oplot"


      Ukrainian designers managed to make biggest panoramic sight i ever saw - overall weight of it is reaching 500 kg.
             Oplot-M, or BM "Oplot" after addoption to service in Ukrainian army, is Ukrainian MBT based on another Ukrainian MBT - T-84 "Oplot", which is Soviet-designed T-80UD with some modifications. BM Oplot was designed by Morozov Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau and produced by Malyshev factory. Chief designer of BM Oplot - Mikhail Dem'yanovich Borisuk (he was born in 1934, BTW).
             It have several features, separating it from T-80UD, T-90A and T-84. Engine is new 6 cylinder 6TD-2E 1200 HP diesel with lowered smokiness and exhaust toxicity (wich is a problem for Kharkov engines) in new engine-transmission compartment (which is 2 part - lower is for engine itself and upper part is for big airfilters, which are needed because of how much air 6TD "eats"), new sort-of automatical transmission. Tank is equipped with new navigation systems, FCS, panoramic sight for commander with day and night (thermal imager) capabilities, new remotely controlled KT-12.7 12.7 mm HMG for commander, new gunner sights, which bring it to modern level of how tank should be equipped. A lot of that equipment is made not in Ukraine.
      From the side BM Oplot looks different from Soviet T-64-like MBTs.
            Main gun is not really different from 2A46 125 mm guns of T-72/ T-80/T-90 series of tanks, 125 mm KBA-3 L48 gun with autoloader for 28 shots (46 in total is carried). Main gun can fire HE, HEAT, APFSDS, GL-ATGMs (Ukrainian "Kombat" missiles). AFAIK part of ammunition is carried outside of the tank, in turret "basket", mounted to the rear part of it. Nothing really fancy here, 5 km range with ATGMs, up to 2.5-2.8 km effective range with APFSDS, which is standart for late Soviet and current Russian MBTs like T-72B3, T-80UE and different models of the T-90. 
           Vehicle is also equipped with Ukrainian version/local variant of Shtora system - "Varta", with additional laser-warning sensors on the turret sides. 

           BM-Oplot use somewhat unusual type of ERA (which is most interesting feature of that tank) - ~layered ERA named "Duplet". It is rumored that it can defeat tandem HEAT warheads like PG-7VR and PG-29V. Vehicle sides are also covered by Duplet ERA. 

            Note that the hull UFP is covered by differently shaped blocks of ERA (long and narrow). How much it is effective is unknown, but designers claim that it can defeat tandem HEAT warheads, EFP and APFSDS projectiles.  
      Upper frontal hull armor layout:
      Side ERA modules:
            Overall, BM Oplot is tank with better perfomance than T-80UD thanks to improvements in electronics and FCS, engine, transmission, driver controls, new ERA and better side armor, and in some areas this vehicle can be superioir to T-72B3 (latest Russian serial produced modification of the T-72 MBT, although it wasn't best proposed modification for it).
            But..., there is always "but" -  it is vehicle that Ukraine can not produce in any serious numbers, as their one and only contract with Thai army showed - out of 95 BM Oplot ordered in 2011 only 5-6 were delivered to this day. During trials in Thailand Kombat GL-ATGMs also showed not very good results - AFAIK out of 5 test firings, 2 missiles exploded before reaching targets. Another interesting fact about that tank is that no BM Oplot MBTs are presented on battlefields of Eastern Ukraine - T-64 and T-72s are primary tanks of the VSU. Seems to me Ukraine is either can't service them, or simply can't produce them in a first place.
      Oplot-BM on trials in Pakistan. No accurate information on results, rumors say that Chinese VT-4 won that competition.
      Oplot-BMs for Thai army on prooving ground.

    • By LoooSeR
      From BMPD blog:
         Croatian media continue to "untwist" scandal with the repair and purchase of Ukrainian MiG-21bis fighters.
         In particular, the newspaper "Jutarnji list" notes that one plane had one wing of Ukrainian origin, another belonged to the MiG-21 from Algeria. Internal fuel tanks were used were made in the USSR, although practically unused, but in the contract they were supposed to be new. Fuselages of five "Ukrainian" MiG-21 actually had Bulgarian origin, despite the fact that they have been written off in Bulgaria itself. On airplanes, there are two fixed plates with serial number - on plane that was transmitted to Croatia had one plate painted over, and the second is attached later.

         There were also a technical problems. So, on the repaired aircraft "friend or foe" system didn't work well enough, five "Ukrainian" MiG-21 had leaking fuel tanks, navigation system made by CLS production (the Czech company) was not installed in time and worked poorly, radars on all aircraft have technical breakdowns.
         Also, all planes had unsatisfactory condition of hydraulic system, there have been cases when the landing gear could not get out of their niches. Two planes had engine failers in flight, which means that the quality of repair is unsatisfactory or it was not performed at all.
    • By Collimatrix
      I confess; when EE or Looser or whoever characterized the Ukrainian government's muscle as fascists, I thought this was Russian hyperbole.  I was aware of the presence of far-right elements during the protest period, and had no doubt that there were some neo-nazis in the ranks currently, the characterization seemed exaggerated.  After all, the Soviets had accused NATO of similar things, and surely the Ukrainians wouldn't be so dumb as to openly play into the role of villains in the Russian cultural monomyth of the Great Patriotic War?
      I am reconsidering this view.

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