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Ukrainian Civil War Thread: All Quiet on the Sturgeon Front


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On 4/7/2022 at 2:14 AM, Miroslav said:

To quote myself:



Your impoliteness is uncalled for and your accusation of laziness would be better aimed at yourself.

In a discussion on an ongoing war, in which parties to the discussion are citizens of the warring nations, it really would fit you as a moderator to have an ounce more respect and grace than Eric Cartman.


Y'know, in general people who "quote themselves" when they're fucking nobodies pissing in someone else's pond is kinda the sign of an asshole.


Might wanna, y'know actually prove you have value to people here before you bother TRYING to act like your words should hold any water for anyone here.


We don't fucking know you, at the rate you're going we'll never know you because you'll be gone, and even if we did know you we'd think you're a self important asshole for trying to pull what you just did.

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44 minutes ago, Jeeps_Guns_Tanks said:

Sometimes you just come off as a stupid asshole and no one wants to talk to you. 


This is not true. I am fascinated and would love to speak at length with this person. The posting implies a toddler with exceptional spelling ability, the registration date implies at least 5 years of age. How can this be?


1 hour ago, W. Murderface said:

I have a tiny wee wee doo doo doo put me in a skirt and make me dance.


I cannot conceive of any circumstance where I would willingly associate myself with this post, but someone else has. No drug could be more disassociating than to have the briefest glimpse into a mind that believes this is a good post. This is what I lust for.

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While I'm sure all of this is great fun I'm gonna put on my "responsible adult" hat and ask y'all to please calm down a little and play nice. 


-please refrain from petty insults which are not workplace-suitable 

-please refrain from challenging the all-powerful dictator and/or mod team to a pissing match.

-If you are offended, don't let the internet sharks smell blood.


Thank you.

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I'm not sure if that video will embed properly so I'll just describe it.

Ukrainians taking a break on the side of the road. A T-72B3 is driving up. The Ukrainians, assuming it to be friendly, wave. The tank fires a 125mm HE shell right into them.


I wanted to talk about this because it highlights a major issue with armor identification in the Russo-Ukrainian war. Ukrainians have been capturing Russian equipment and pressing them into service without doing much to mark them as captured, which I think is what is responsible for this.

In the future, Ukraine should come up with some sort of standardized symbol to mark their equipment like the Russians have with the Z. I think their trident would work fine.


Edit: Well there I go talking out of my ass again. Apparently that was a T-64BV. Hard to tell in blurry footage and I made a leap, my bad.

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On 4/12/2022 at 1:07 AM, watch_your_fire said:

@LoooSeRDoes the 'Z' stand for Zapad anyway? I've never gotten a solid answer on that question, even most Russians I've spoken to don't know what it means.

"V" "Z" "O" doesn't mean anything. Those are just invasion stripes substitute because Ukrainians used invasion stripes during their attempt to destroy rebellion. I'm pretty sure we would have used Soviet stiles ID marks if UAF used something different.







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Whether the Ukrainians had to do something with it or not is pretty irrelevant.

In the words of the Russian MoD the ship had to be "completely evacuated".

Meaning it is either sinking or is irrecoverable because the fire is out of control and will need a lengthy time in a dry dock.


That was the flagship of the Black sea Navy, its loss is mainly symbolic both for its lengthy history (it was launched back in 1979) and it's status as the flagship.

From an operational point of view it was first an AA platform and an anti ship one second. Its capability against ground target was limited to it's twin 130 mm.

At best Ukraine could exploit a temporary hole in the Russian AA bubble, but that's about it.


Update :


According to the Russian MoD the fire is now under control :


  • The ship has retained it's buoyancy, main missile armament (which one?) wasn't damaged in the fire
  • Crew has been evacuated toward other ships of the fleet
  • Disposition are being taken to tow the ship back to port
  • Cause of the fire is being investigated


Source : https://t.me/rian_ru/158715


We will probably know more about the extent of the damages once it has been towed back to port, but an ammunition fire that was violent enough to warrant a full evacuation of the ship will have left traces. Either way it's out of the war for the time being, remain to see if it can be repaired.

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7 minutes ago, Cobras said:

Why are they reporting on this but stopped reporting on their combat casualties?

And btw, maybe the ship hit a naval mine?

MoD periodically gives casualties numbers, but not frequently.


No solid info on reasons of this fuck up. MoD claims ammunition fire.

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