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The last few centimetres of a metre-long projectile don't do much to change its penetration. Colour me amazed. Also: a golden opportunity for testing stone arrowheads against small, yappy dogs was mi


In other news; I finally finished making the other lamboo pyramid bow I've been meaning to since January.     The draw is about 25kg/55lb, and the dimensions are as follows:

While I'm bitching: I finally managed to get a long, straight piece of red karee (a local hardwood), split it and discovered that, for some reason, the grain runs in a spiral. This is apparently a thing with some trees. Which was a disappointment, given that I've been waiting on that particular tree to offer up a suitable limb for years now.


All of which makes me think that part of the reason for the circular-section tropical longbow might be that there's no point trying to follow grain boundaries when they wrap around the damn log.

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