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M4 Tank Brigade Thread


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Thats pretty bad


If you want a bretty gud Sherman experience go play Warthunder GF or RO1


Download DH mod for Ro1, get on the 29th server, get on the Kasserine map, and shoot Panzer 3s like stool pigeons with your superior visibility 


not to mention the myraid of other maps with hot sherman action

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I would actually prefer something 2D to this muddy mess.

Again, I've seen worse. We made our own chits from the cardboard sleeves in MRE containers.

Talk about "bad".


I'm fairly sure it'll sell either way, I can think of at least a half dozen in the MV club I used to be in, who just don't like the "Matchbox tanks on the rug" aspects of WTGF or WoT and who'd eat stuff like this up, graphics notwithstanding.

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