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China testing Hypersonic Glide Vehicle.


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Now on the other hand, what does make the WU-14 really interesting is the fact that It's powered by a scramjet, and scramjets are a really cool guy.


There was some speculation a bit ago that such a missile could strike targets such as ships if detected from a very large distance away, and it wouldn't require an actual warhead on it as the sheer shock of it hitting something such as an aircraft carrier at Mach 10-12+ would make an explosive filling mostly irrelevant.


Also, be careful about WantChinatimes, while they're usually accurate on technical details, They're actually based in Taiwan, so their writing can come off a bit... Slanted agenda wise at times.

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A...working scramjet? I wonder if Russia/China have transferred information on them, given that the Zircon missile will use one. 



I honestly don't know exactly who was involved technology trade wise.


Hell, the only reason we know about it and China admitted to the program at all in the first place was because a NASA satellite caught the first test in the act and it's travel and they reported it to the US DoD, who then confronted them about it.

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