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rifling bit for 16 inch guns.    

USS Massachusetts firing a broadside. Note outbound 16" shells in the upper left hand part of the picture.

Pavel Derzhavin, from outside:        Some parts from inside:    

5 hours ago, Khand-e said:

They used them to fire signals and salute for various reasons.


Supposedly also as a mine clearing gun but, never read of a documented case of them being used for that.


The idea of mine clearing with guns has been back in vogue and being talked about lately by NSWC and etc. Specifically they've been talking about supercavitating ammunition designs able to be used in 5.56 all the way up to the Bushmaster autocannon families.


At the time I kinda just assumed it was people covering for the little crappy ship being useless as a minesweeper by acting like autocannons and helicopter mounted MG'S could kinda clear mines...


It still blows my mind that they wanted a fast minesweeper they could use for other stuff and did all the studies etc with SES ships like the Skjold, INCLUDING a joint project with umoe which determined that an SES minesweeper gained a double digit percentage resistance to mine damage etc over other hull types.


And then they bought two horrible designs that even they admitted would be shit minesweepers when they acknowledged that shock testing the LCS ships would do far too much damage!

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Tennessee took very little damage and lost very few men, and he made it through just fine, in fact, after the Tennessee he spent a lot of time on DEs, the rest of the war in fact. Weirdly he died of a heart attack a on December 7th, in 72 about 2 years before I was born. 

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