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The interesting ship photos/art thread.

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rifling bit for 16 inch guns.    

USS Massachusetts firing a broadside. Note outbound 16" shells in the upper left hand part of the picture.

Pavel Derzhavin, from outside:        Some parts from inside:    

Dutch Navy harbour in Den Helder



From left to right:

  • De Zeven Provinciën-class (frigate/destroyer)

  • Holland-class (offshore patrol vessel)

  • Noordzee-class (coastal tug)

  • Holland-class

  • L800 HNLMS Rotterdam (LPD)

  • De Zeven Provinciën-class

  • L801 HNLMS Johan de Witt (LPD, sister ship of L800)

  • Walrus-class (diesel-electric submarine)

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Parachutes for ships you say?


An Alaska nonprofit is developing a massive underwater parachute for big ships


The parachute has two key goals: to reduce the drift speed of a ship by 50 percent, and to steady the bow by turning the ship into the direction of the wind and waves. Stabilizing the ship makes it easier for crews to carry out repairs.

In the successful Puget Sound test last summer, the inflated submarine parachute was hooked up by a long line to two tugboats that pulled full steam ahead, and they slowed to the point of essentially stopping. In September, the network plans to take the parachute out to the notoriously rough Bering Sea, off Alaska’s coast, to be tested on a loaded container ship.

So in other words, they've made a big old sea anchor.

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   Acquired by Egypt assault ship Gamal Abdel Nasser (Egypt number "1010", the former "Vladivostok" in the foreground) and Anwar Sadat (number "1020", the former "Sevastopol"), of the Mistral type at the wall of the French shipyard STX France in Saint-Nazaire. April 2016.

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