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Aeronautical failures thread


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This thread is for aeronautical failures of various stripes: flying machines that didn't work as intended or did, but were intended for something stupid.


Note: no WWII German aircraft may be entered, as the thread would rapidly become about nothing else...






First up, the classics:



A reasonable design attached to a seriously flawed concept.



This is a difficult one for me, because I have a raging hard-on for all things airship. Nonetheless; having a vehicle with a mean time between crashes close to that of a WWI biplane, but a cost and crew size closer to a navy vessel was not a good idea. Maybe now that weather radar is a thing?



Sigh, why are all the things I love dumb?

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NATO estimates of Warsaw Pact aviation were a mixed bag.  Sometimes they guessed that WP stuff was way worse than their own for basically no reason, such as when they estimated that the AA-2 Atoll air to air missile had vastly inferior performance to the AIM-9B... despite the fact that the AA-2 was a clone of the AIM-9.


But if Yakovlev had been able to crank up the YAK-38 to match the NATO estimates of its performance, the entire bureau and entire factory staff would have been given a triple vodka ration, because the plane was junk.




Still, it was a fairly sharp looking bird.


The trainer is another story...



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