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An Homage To Men's Pulp Magazines


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Brock7142 didn't think the day could get any worse. After his Toyota Tercel died on the way to Popeye's Chicken, he was ordered by his command sergeant major to edit every post that he had ever made on the WoT forum.


Edited due to people whining to my Bosses.

snapback.pngBrock7142, on Mar 26 2015 - 21:43, said:


For the 67th time.


Suddenly a loud crashing came from the doorway. Brock7142 got up to investigate...



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@RobotMinisterofTrueKorea found this collection of illustrations from men's magazines, including several I had not seen before.


I think this one is the most transcendently glorious:




"Hot lead umbrella?"  Is he going to... shoot over their heads and shade them?  Maybe it's hard to think of snappy lines when you're concentrating on surfing with a machine gun.


It's a goddamn shame that this was never made into a movie.  We're set to get Marvel's Walrus Avenger II: When Star Wars Attacks and sequels or whatever out 'til the mid 2040s, but we can't have Surf Pack Assassins?  What sort of a world is this?

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